The Grand Cayman Island Accommodations – Hotels, Villas and Condos.

The following information is about the Grand Cayman Island Accommodations. When you plan a holiday at Grand Cayman Island, then there is a ton of accommodations you can choose from.

First of all, with any holiday plans, a key factor will be the accommodations that will be available while on holiday. In some instances this can turn out to be an expensive affair. However if you are planning a holiday on the Grand Cayman Island. The great news is that the accommodation there caters to all kinds of budgets.

While there are Grand Cayman Luxury Resorts and private villas available that can set you back a pretty penny. There are also very affordable accommodations as well as vacation rentals that are affordable throughout the islands.

One of the key factors in determining the rates that you will pay include whether it is peak holiday season. On the Cayman Islands, peaks season starts from about 15 December to 15 April. And during these periods the rates are very high. If you plan to travel during this time. The best way to do so is with a larger group so that condominium or vacation rental costs can be shared. Rather than staying at a hotel.

The good news is that the Cayman Islands government has strict regulations about the quality of accommodation available to tourists. So you can be assured of the quality and service you will receive regardless of the time of accommodation you opt for. Following is one of the best Grand Cayman Island Accommodations.

The Seven Mile Beach Resort – Grand Cayman Island Accomodations

The Seven Mile Beach Resort | Grand Cayman
The Seven Mile Beach Resort | Grand Cayman

This is a short review of the Best Grand Cayman Island Accommodations has to offer. The Seven Mile Beach Resort is considered to be a prime holiday destination on the Cayman Islands !. There are many beautiful accommodations to choose from. This is a lovely resort to spend your holiday as it is near the clubs and restaurants and malls. And of course the breathtaking beach is just a stone’s throw away !.

  • Among the accommodation available include :

Rooms: These are aplenty and provide breathtaking views of the ocean and lots of privacy. Most come with private pool and sunbathing area as well. You can choose from Island View Rooms, Partial Ocean View Rooms. But also Ocean/Pool View Rooms and Deluxe Ocean Front Rooms, One Bedroom Partial Ocean View Room.

Suites: And when it comes to full luxury ?. Well The Seven Mile Beach Resort offers the following Luxury Suites. Two Bedroom Partial Ocean-view Suite and the top of the notch comes The Presidential Suite !.

All the accommodations comes with the use of the following amenities:. Tennis, Beachfront BBQ’s, Swimming pool and a host of other amenities that you can take use of.

  • The Seven Mile Beach Resort Wine and Dine.

Refresh Your Palate: The Seven Mile Beach Resort has a beautiful restaurant with the name ‘ Beach House ‘. This is casual restaurant with an upscale dining experience. You can have your Caribbean, Mediterranean or Asian diner at the Beach House. And it tastes much better, because of the inviting and intimate atmosphere that Beach House has. Although the menu is created mostly with dishes form the local sustainable fish production. You can also have you pork, lamb and beef dishes. It all depends on what you prefer for having a great diner.

The Seven Mile Beach Resort | Beach House Restaurant
The Seven Mile Beach Resort | Beach House Restaurant
  • Other amenities that The Seven Mile Beach has to offer.
The Seven Mile Beach Resort Family Kids Club.

The Seven Mile Beach Resort also has a Family Kids Club. The Family Kids Club has a fantastic space and is meant for kids from ages 4 to 12 years. The Kids Club offers indoor and outdoor activities and you can use the pool as well. And besides this, the kids club offers the following extensive programs.: Craft working, Magic Shows, Themed Parties and Movie nights.

You can get married as well !.

When you plan you marriage, don’t hesitate and read all about The Seven Mile Beach Resort has to offer when it comes to weddings. If you are looking for a dream wedding, then this resort has it all that you think off. A wedding of your lifetime !!.

The Seven Mile Beach Resort wedding
The Seven Mile Beach Resort wedding
The Seven Mile Beach Resort Meetings.

If you are looking for meeting accommodation with sea side view and luxury ?. The Seven Mile Beach is the place to be !. The Seven Mile Beach offers you and your party theater-style meeting rooms with high speed internet access. You can take use of the professional audiovisual staff to take care of your media and music. You can also reserve onsite dining and wining. So when you are looking for a high end meeting, this is probably what you are looking for!.

Conclusion about The Seven Mile Beach Resort.

The Seven Mile Beach Resort is probably the best Grand Cayman Island Accommodation that you find on Grand Cayman. So I have more thing to say and that is they are rewarded with the AAA 4 Diamond Award and Wine Spectator’s 2016 Award of Excellence. This is an award that is hard to earn. So keep that in mind.

I wrote this little review about The Seven Mile Beach Resort, because this resort has all the accommodations that a high end resort has to offer. Although this resort maybe on the mid to high end prizes. My goal is give you a view on what Resorts the Cayman Islands has to offer. And I was getting a little to enthusiastic by writing this review to be honest. But then again, if you are looking at the pictures. Well… you can dream about it or make it a real experience. It is really up to you !.

When you are Sailing the Cayman Islands and set foot on the Grand Cayman Island. You can visit them at the following address: . Or you can give them a call at number . But I guess you want to yourself itch with their amazing website which you can visit by following this link –

Hotel Accommodations.

There is no end to the number of hotels that dot the coastline on the Grand Cayman Island. Varying in size and facilities, it is possible to stay in luxury hotels that are paradise on earth with all the facilities you could imagine and more. Alternatively if the purse strings don’t allow. Well it is also possible to live in less luxurious but equally beautiful hotels along the coastline that cater to individuals or honeymooners, and even families.

Hotel accommodation is affordable in you explore taking a standard deluxe room. You will also want to explore the price of the meals at the hotel. And sometimes it may not be convenient to travel outside the hotel that provides all the comforts that you can imagine.

Budget Accommodation.

There are many budget accommodations available particularly on Grand Cayman. Since the Cayman Islands is primarily known as a diving destination. There are many accommodations available to diving enthusiasts. Therefore if you are interested in going in this direction. It may be worthwhile to explore the packages that are available which include accommodation as well as diving packages. The Grand Cayman Scuba Diving packages normally come with daily two-tank boat dives as well as shore diving.

Wydham Reef Resort Grand Cayman
Wydham Reef Resort Grand Cayman

In addition, apart from staying on The Seven Mile Beach. I it is possible to get a more affordable accommodation out of that area. The idea is to stay a little away from George Town and West Bay Road and you will be surprised at the difference in the prices of accommodation available.

There are also bed and breakfast options available. These economy accommodations are clean and provide you with a place to rest your head each night after at busy day diving or on the beach. Most of these come with full breakfasts and this should keep you full for most of the morning. The hosts of bed and breakfast accommodations are warm and friendly, and usually very accommodating.

The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa
The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa

When you are looking for information about Grand Cayman Shopping and Souvenirs idea’s, then you can read more about this subject on my site by following this link –

Planning a Great Holiday Getaway.

The trick to planning a great holiday getaway on the Cayman Islands is to plan well in advance. Especially if you want an unforgettable wedding !. So If you are able to take a holiday when it is not peak season on the islands. You will have a variety of choices not only in terms of accommodation costs but also airfare ad even diving packages. You will find that several airlines also offer such packages where you can book a 3 day 2 night package with airfare included. And if you opt to do so, you can extend your stay beyond the days and nights provided.

These are probably the best types of packages available. If however you are working on a shoestring budget then a good idea is to book the air tickets separately. And take your time to explore the different bed and breakfast facilities that are available. You will be able to source for most of these online. And when you do, you can make arrangements directly and negotiate the rates depending on the number of people going on this holiday.

The Cayman Islands has become more and more popular to have your wedding !. If this is something that you would like to explore doing. It will be a good idea to get in touch with the different hotels to see what packages are available. Such packages not only include the wedding proper. But they also offer special rates for guests from the wedding party to stay at the hotel. And even special airfares can be arranged for group bookings as well.

When you plan on Sailing the Cayman Islands and enjoy all the Cayman Islands Accommodations from the docking port. You can read more information by following this link – Sailing The Cayman Islands.

All in all, holidays or weddings, luxury budgets or a shoestring one. There are many options available for accommodations at Grand Cayman Island !

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