Sailing To Jamaica With Your Private Yacht Charter.

When you’re Sailing the Caribbean with a Private Yacht Charter. Then you might want to anchor your Private Yacht in one of the bays of Jamaica. Jamaica has so much to offer !. So here is a brief description why Sailing to Jamaica is such a popular Island. Below is a Google Earth Picture which you enlarge to get a good view of Jamaica.

Introduction about Sailing to Jamaica.

Jamaica is called the King of The Caribbean !. Well until you’ve been to Jamaica, it’s hard to describe the beauty and the magic that you will never find anywhere else. Maybe it’s the reggae music that seems to follow you everywhere and creates an ambience that can only be found in Jamaica. I will reveal all the exclusive hidden secrets by the time you arrive with your private yacht charter. You will know where to go, what to do and what to see to make sure your visit exceeds all your holiday expectations. Jamaica is looking forward to seeing you soon !.

So Jamaica is the fourth largest island in The Caribbean. While Cuba, Haiti-Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are the larger islands. Jamaica has a reputation everyone knows. And that is probably Bob Marley. If you are into Reggae music and easy going. Then that is just what Jamaica you can offer in general !. Coming back to Sailing around Jamaica and the song title ‘ Kingston Town‘. Well Kingston Town is the largest city in Jamaica following by Montego Bay. These two city’s have also the largest docks where you can anchor your Private Yacht Charter.

Somewhere at the Beach in Jamaica
Somewhere at the Beach in Jamaica

Sailing to Jamaica from Florida when you are the Captain !.

The following information is about sailing to Jamaica from Florida with a yacht when you or your companion is the captain of the yacht.

Sailing to Jamaica from Florida – First Route:

When you start sailing to Jamaica from Florida, you probably sail through the Gulf of Mexico. Then sail across Cuba and Mexico. Following the open sea to pass the island Grand Cayman and little Cayman through the Cayman Ridge. Then sail right to Jamaica. When you see Jamaica in the horizon, you can choose for the fastest way or the longest way to dock. The fastest way to dock your private yacht would be at Montego Bay. When you are planning to anchor your Private yacht at Kingston Bay, then you’ll have to sail further to reach the Kingston Bay.

Sailing to Jamaica from Florida Route 1
Sailing to Jamaica from Florida Route 1

Sailing to Jamaica from Florida – Second Route:

You can also start sailing to Jamaica from Florida and pass The Bahamas and Cuba through the Great Bahama Bank. Following the Brown Bank and pass the Great Inagua Island. And then pass Cuba and Haiti through the Greater Antilles Ridge to Jamaica. When you’re going to sail this route and you see Jamaica at the horizon. The fastest way to dock your Private Yacht is at Port Antonio. You can dock your Yacht in the East Harbour of Port Antonio. Or you can sail further to Montego Bay and more further is Kingston Bay.Sure, I can write more about this, but these are the routes in a nutshell when you plan to sail to Jamaica from Florida as imo :). You can mail met at to give your info what you need. Or you want to post something regarding Sailing to Jamaica on this website.

Sailing to Jamaica from Florida Route 2
Sailing to Jamaica from Florida Route 2

Sailing to Jamaica from the Middle and South America.

I have just mentioned one of the places you can start sailing to Jamaica with your private yacht when you are the Captain. But you can sail to Jamaica from anywhere of course. The reason why I mentioned Florida, is that this is probably the most popular way to sail to Jamaica.

But here a few more places you can start sailing to Jamaica the fastest way from middle America and South America. You can start sailing to Jamaica from Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. When sailing to Jamaica from any of these places you’ll just have to cross The Caribbean Sea and dock your Private Yacht at Kingston Bay or any other bay in Jamaica like Montego Bay, Long Bay, Carlisle bay (Rocky Point) or Morant Bay. Others are Discovery Bay, Port Esquivel and Port Kaiser.

But like I mentioned, you can sail Jamaica from anywhere around the world. And yeah, this even means sailing from Scotland to Jamaica.

Sailing Jamaica with a Yacht Itinerary.

If you are not the kind of person, or don’t have any means being the Captain of a Private Yacht ?. You can also go for a Sailing Yacht Itinerary with crew and captain. A Sailing Yacht Itinerary can give you the Jamaica Sailing Adventures you can expect. But you don’t have the hustle of sailing the yacht by your own or a companion. When you go for a Sailing Yacht itinerary, you can enjoy all the advantages that a yacht rental with crew can give you !. Like serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at your table. All the food will be served by the crew that are on the boat. Also when you anchor your private yacht in one of the Jamaican Bays. You can take your jet ski or speedboat to set foot on Jamaica.

When you go for a Yacht Itinerary. Then probably you will be Sailing The Caribbean with your crewed luxury yacht for a few weeks. Keep in mind that you and your fellow sailors have a good understanding with the crew and captain on board. Annoyance between each other is getting you and the others a long time at sea (so to speak that is).

Another benefit when you’re going for a Private Yacht Itinerary. When you have anchored your Private Yacht near the beach of Jamaica. You can use all the advantages a Sailing Itinerary can give you !. Like snorkeling, scuba diving, wake-boarding, fishing and water skiing and many more water activities you can enjoy from.

So if you are more into planning a Sailing Yacht Itinerary. You can read more about this on my site by visiting the link ‘ Your Caribbean Private Yacht Charter Vacation ‘ .

Scuba diving in Jamaica
Scuba diving in Jamaica

How to Hire a Private Yacht Charter in Jamaica ?.

Here is a quick review about some of the best Private Yacht Rental Companies in Jamaica. When you visit Jamaica flying in from a country or taking a ferry to visit Jamaica. Then you can hire a Private Yacht Charter at Jamaica as well. If you are more into fishing trips, the there a few other companies that rent fishing boats an trips. Here are a few of them.

Dreamer Catamaran Yacht.

The Private Yacht Charter Broker ‘Dreamer Catamarans Cruises’ is located at two locations in Jamaica. That is Montego Bay and Negril. You can hire your Private Yacht right a the docks, which is perfect for you and your family, friends or other companions. You just have to rent a Yacht or Boat and set sail The Caribbean Sea and experience the beauty of Jamaica !.

The Dreamer Catamaran Cruises Tours.

The Dreamer Catamaran Adventures in Jamaica
The Dreamer Catamaran Adventures in Jamaica

This company offer all kinds of tours like Montego Bay Sailing & Snorkeling Tours, Ecco Dreamer Sail & Snorkel with Bogue Lagoon. But also Montego Bay Sunset Cruises and Montego Bay Cruise to Negril.

These tours are all inclusive with everything you need to make your day an unforgettable day !. Some of them have all the equipment you need for snorkeling, diving and sailing. You can also enjoy the delicious beverages, snacks, local patties and fresh fruits that they offer. And afterwards, you get a return transfer to the Resorts or Montego Bay hotels where you have your deserved rest.

The Dreamer Catamaran Cruises Private Yacht Charters.

With their Private Yacht Charters, you can determine a cruise itinerary. You can choose your own services and features like snorkeling or scuba diving. They accommodate Private Yachts for small and intimate groups to large corporate groups. This makes a Private Yacht Charter absolutely great if you have to celebrate something, like Christmas, weddings or New Years Eve.

‘The Dreamer Catamaran Cruises Tours’ company is easy to reach, because their company is almost near the Sangster Airport. You can visit their official site for more information at

The Dreamer Catamaran Cruises Private Yacht Charters

The Dreamer Catamaran Cruises Private Yacht Charters

Party Boat Chartering Jamaica.

If you are into a party then you might prefer a Party Boat. You probably want to go for an all-inclusive Yacht Charter !. The Jamaica Party Boat Brokers can also arrange a high quality party for you and companions you are traveling with. You can have an intimate party or a even a large yacht that can accommodate around 100 people. You can think of parties you want to celebrate like your birthday or your wedding. But also New Years Eve, Christmas and your anniversary !. You can enjoy your party with all the luxury you can think of. You can rent one of the best Jamaican Party Boats at

Other Private Yacht Charters.

There are much more other Charter Brokers where you can rent a Yacht or Boat. Like the Lucky Bastard Fishing Charters. But this Charter Broker is focused only on Fishing trips. Also you can rent a Private Charter from companies outside Jamaica, like Sailing Europe, Boatbookings, Moorings and a lot other companies where you can rent a Private Yacht Charter by booking the Yacht itinerary online.

Lucky Bastard Fishing Charters
Lucky Bastard Fishing Charters

Following is a sheet where you can find all the Boat Brokers in Jamaica.


List of the Boat Brokers in Jamaica.
Name Phone Location
Barrett Adventures Sailing (876) 382-6384 Montego Bay Yacht Club – 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) South West of Montego Bay
Buttonwood JA (876) 374-4266 Downtown Treasure Beach
Dreamer Catamaran Cruises (876) 979-0102 The vicinity of Montego Bay
Island Charter Co. (876) 878-2287 Hedonism II – 4.6 mi. (7.4 km) North of Negril
Jamaica Watersports (876) 381-3229 Montego Bay Yacht Club – 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) South West of Montego Bay
Sea Shell Charters (876) 875-4167 Orange Bay

Sailing to Jamaica and anchor your Private Yacht Charter. What can you expect ?.

Astonishing Jamaican Beaches !.

You can anchor your Private Yacht Charter in front of one of the beaches in Jamaica. Jamaica offers one of the most beautiful beaches when you’re Sailing the Caribbean. You can expect azure blue waters, beautiful white beaches and palm trees where you can enjoy from. Some of the beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach (Montego Bay), Boston Bay Beach, Reggae Beach, Treasure Beach and Seven Mile Beach.

Each of the beaches has something to offer you where you and your companions can enjoy from. Some of them are ATV Outback Adventure Tours, Cliff diving, surfing, scuba diving and Bobsled Adventures. But you can have a good meal, dinner and loads of beverages as well. There are many good restaurants, bars, clubs and local little taverns where you can take place. And beside this, you can have a good night sleep a the numerous Luxury Hotels, Villa’s and hostels that are around the beach locations. One of the most famous and luxurious resorts that can accommodate everything you is probably Sandals. You can visit their official site by following this link to

Sandals Resorts in Jamaica
Sandals Resorts in Jamaica

The 3 Best Luxury Restaurants in Jamaica.

When you finally anchor your Private Yacht in any of the Bays of Jamaica. You and your traveling companions might be very hungry. So here are the 3 best luxury restaurants in Jamaica.

1. Geejam BushBar.

When you’re Sailing the Caribbean to Jamaica. Don’t forget to visit The Geejam BushBar as well !. Probably this is THE number one Private Hotel in Jamaica and even in The Caribbean !. Why, well they have everything you can think of, and more !. And the whole resort is designed in luxury. When I speak they have it all, this is what they offer. Luxury Villa’s with self contained three bedrooms, healing spa, Recording studio and luxury cabins. All are located at the Geejam beach or more inland. The amenities are all of luxury, but still with organic standards. All the furniture’s all top of the line and the technology is all state of the art.

As for the food, BushBar has it all !. You can enjoy your breakfast to the Jamaica Night Menu (and everything in between ) enjoying the outdoor and tropical feeling. Have fun between the meals with an outdoor pool table, ambient music and forest to ocean view !. Also they serve a wide variety of wines and Cocktails. The good thing is.. all day long !.

They even offer wedding packages in a way a tropical wedding should be. Read more at to go directly to their wedding package page.

Also they own one of the leading recording studios in the Caribbean. So you can record your song in a tropical environment. Here are some of the celebrities that has recorded their songs at the Geejam Recording Studio: Katy Perry, John Legend, Amy Winehouse and Drake. You can read more about the recording studio at –

The official site where you can read all about The Geejam BushBar | Hotel is following this link:

Geejam Hotel in Jamaica

Geejam Hotel in Jamaica

2. The Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio | Farm To Table.

The Zimbali’s Moutain is probably the best Restaurant in Jamaica. Off course, it all depends on your own taste and dining style. But this restaurant was the best of the the 17th Observer Food Awars – “Gem of Westmoreland “.

The Zimbali’s Mountain has a dining style that has a casual and elegant character. They serve farm-to-table, crossover and Jamaican style of food. They have so much to offer, there is really too much to cover all in this article. So here are the main topics what Zimbali’s Mountain has to offer.

  • Zimbali’s Farm to table cooking show: . Zimbali’s offers fresh meals that are constantly filled. They achieve this from the fruit farm that has over 1200 trees. They have full time workers to provide the stream of food and fresh fruits right into the restaurant. Also they offer a tour around the Farm, before you take place at the table and have your diner.
  • Zimbali’s Cooking Challenge: . They invite chefs from all over the world to take the 5 course challenge in their specially designed cooking studio.
  • They also offer Rooms and Suites. When hiring a room or suite, you can enjoy and experience Jamaica without the crowded tourist towns. So sit back and enjoy the relaxing environment with the drink you love the most !.
  • Also Zimbali offers Foodie packages, Foodie experiences, local music shows and much more !. The bottom point is, you can entertain yourself the whole day long to somewhere during the night !.

You can visit their official website at

The Zimbali's Mountain Cooking Studio

The Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio

3. Restaurant Toscanini.

This is one of the finest Italian restaurant in Jamaica. In the recipes they offer, you can assure that the freshest local ingredients are included. They offer a large variety of Italian food like, tagliatelle, prosciutto with papaya, fresh fish dishes and much more !. And beside all the food, you can order a wide variety wine and other beverages.

The restaurant is run by two gracious Italians. So you can count on real Italian food. Also the restaurant itself is astonishing. This is really an old and beautiful building with a lot of history attached to it. So when you have your fine dinner, you can enjoy the surroundings of the architecture as well !.

I can’t find the official website on the internet. But I have found a Facebook page, which you can read. Follow this link please:

Restaurant Toscanini Jamaica
Restaurant Toscanini Jamaica | Credits goes out to Joel Finnigen Photography

There are much more restaurants, bars and clubs to write about. But then I would just be talking about that subject. But if you want to, I can write reviews of more content. Just send me a mail to and let me know what information you would like to know more of.

Some more things to keep in mind when you plan Sailing to Jamaica.

What currency is used in Jamaica ?.

The currency that Jamaica use is the Jamaican Dollar. Keep in mind that this currency is not equal to the U.S. Dollar. That’s why the symbol of the Jamaican dollar is ‘J$’ and not the U.S. ‘$’. You can read the complete information about The Jamaican Dollar at Wikipedia following this link —

Jamaica Customs when you port at a dock.

When you plan to dock your Private Yacht at any of the ports in Jamaica. Then you probably will be confronted to clear customs. Your ship will be inspected and you will have to fill in several forms at customs. These forms are . The Ships Registrations, A list of the Ship’s stores, Crew list and declaration and Departure permissions forms from your last port of call. When everything is cleared, then you may proceed to enjoy Jamaica, or set sail to other ports in Jamaica. You can read all the information at by following this link

Cheap flights to Jamaica.

If you really not into the Private Charter Yachts and you want to travel to Jamaica with a flight. There are numerous cheap flights to Jamaica you can take advantage of. Just search the internet with a keyword like ‘cheap flights to Jamaica’. Or if you are flying from ‘Florida cheap flights to Jamaica’. Mostly I compare flight tickets to anywhere by searching

But this website is not about flying to a location in the Caribbean. So I will not spend that much attention to it. As I mentioned just below this article and above this article. If you want me to write a detailed post about any subject regarding the Caribbean. Then I will gladly to do that and create an article with the information you and other visitors want to know more about. But it has to be something with Sailing to Jamaica or traveling any other way to Jamaica.

Final words about Sailing To Jamaica.

I hope you enjoyed reading of this article. If you think I am missing subjects or anything else. Just let me know by sending a mail to Or you can subscribe to this website to receive the latest information about Sailing the Caribbean. Thanks and good luck !!.

My wise quote for this article is:

If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn’t worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it’s life or death” – Morgan Feeman

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