Sailing The British Virgin Islands with a Private Yacht Charter.

Comprising of more than 60 islands !!. The British Virgin Islands are one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. Sailing The British Virgin islands offer plenty of opportunities from one spot to another. From the jaw-dropping beaches of Virgin Gorda to the pirate coves of Tortola Island.

The British Virgin Islands have something to offer for all kinds of tourists. Each island is different from another in terms of its beauty and sailing opportunities. Besides sailing, the islands offer a number of water sports for people of all ages. The British Virgin Islands are a perfect choice for couples. But also families and friends who want to cruise along the glittering Caribbean Seas and discover the breathtaking gems along the way. The best way to visit these islands is by BVI Charter Yachts.

Below is the map of The British Virgin Islands.

Before you visit The British Virgin Islands.

  • Book cheap flights.

If you are after budget traveling, we recommend you to book your flight to The BVI at Skyscanner. Skyscanner offers cheap flight packages for tourists to visit BVI. Many Private Yacht Charter Brokers offer arranged BVI Charter Yachts for you to visit all the islands. Yacht Charter Brokers are reliable and you can contact them any time !. But always do your own research so you can decide what’s best for you.

  • Get a travel insurance.

In order to protect yourself from any injury, its best to get your travel insurance in advance. Make sure to ask your travel company about the best possible insurance packages. Most of the travel agencies can give you this insurance when you decide to travel to the British Virgin Islands !.

  • Book accommodation in advance.

There are a number of resorts, villas and hotels to choose from in The British Virgin Islands. If you on a budget restriction, there are plenty of hostels on the islands offering rooms in budget rates. To rent a villa or hotel, you can also go for TripAdvisor to rent anything you like in advance. They have all kinds of accommodations you can choose from.

  • Pack some important gear.

If you plan to snorkeling, fishing, swimming and much more. It is recommended to buy important gear before you visit The BVI. Though you can also find gear on the island, prices will be a bit higher than normal. Some of the Online Travel Agencies can also give you recommendations about diving. Ono almost every island within The BVI are diving and surf schools where you can learn as an individual or in groups.

What can you expect when you book your accommodation at Online Travel Agencies ?.

Some Online Travel Agencies can offer much more than only a Hotel or Villa. Here are some more activities you can book together with your accommodation.

  • BVI Charter Yachts.
  • Village Cay BVI Hotels.
  • Day Trips BVI.
  • BVI Diving.
  • Surf School BVI.
  • Day Sails BVI – Muystic.
  • Tour Center BVI.
  • Day Tours BVI360.
  • Charter Adventures BVI.
  • Scuba Diving BVI.
  • Offering Bar and Grill at the D’Coalpot BVI.
  • BVI Fusion.
  • The Museum of BVI.
  • The BVI Islands BVI.
  • Even an BVI fly By.
  • Boat Rental of The Sea Legs.
  • Snuba BVI.
  • A Daily Excursion BVI.
  • And the list goes on and on to give you the holiday you deserve !!.

Conclusion is that you’ll have to do your research Online. It all depends on what you want when you plan to visit The British Virgin Islands.

Private Yacht Charters – British Virgin Islands.

Sailing The British Virgin Islands is really a experience you will never forget for sure !. When it comes to sail a Private Yacht Charter, it is really is up to you !. How long do you want to sail, what do you want to see and what kind of experiences you want to take home. You can book a charter for a day or many days on sea. Also how many people are in your party and are you looking for all inclusive or non inclusive.

All inclusive Private Yacht Charters.

When it comes to all inclusive itineraries. Well you just have to imagine what it is like to Sailing The British Virgin Islands And it is probably right that :). With all inclusive it all comes on how deep you’re willing to dive in your pockets. Anything is really possible. Here are some examples.

  • BVI Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht.

A Luxury Motor Yacht Itinerary. You can hire a Luxury Motor Yacht with 4 Cabins accommodating 8 guests or more. Do not think that these are just bunks on the ship. No, these crewed motor yachts has King size beds with lots of room you can walk around from. Together wit a two headed rain shower or other luxury showers. These Crewed Motor Yacht have at least one Queen Bedroom with an oversized shower. 2 times guest stateroom with Queen Beds and a shower. All comes with high tech equipment like 42″ TV’s, TV Entertainment Center and refrigerator. Also you have a Bar, a swim platform, Hot Tub and a BBQ grill.

And last but not least many Water sports you can enjoy form. Some of them are Kayaking, Fishing, Wake boarding and snorkeling. Don’t forget your Luxury Motor Yacht is sailed by an experienced captain. You diner is served by friendly crew. This sounds amazing right ?. So this All Inclusive Luxury Motor Yacht can cost you somewhere around $ 4000 USD to more than $ 325.000 USD per week.

BVI Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht
BVI Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht
  • BVI Luxury Crewed Catamaran Yacht.

A Luxury Crewed Catamaran Yacht Itinerary. You can hire a 5 cabin Luxury Crewed Catamaran Yacht. This Catamaran Yacht can accommodate 10 guests in five cabins. And these are not the cabins where you bunk upon each other. Here it comes: it has a King Sized Suite, three double Cabins and one twin cabin. But each of these cabins have their own en-suite facilities. That means each luxury cabin is accommodated with luxury technology, like TV’s, entertainment centers and luxury showers. Furthermore you can enjoy the luxury bar on deck where you can have your luxury cocktail and your diner is served.

Also you can take use of the many water sports collection that the Luxury Crewed Catamaran Yacht has on board. Some of them are Kayaking, Paddle-boards, Water skiing, knee-boarding and windsurfing. A Crewed Catamaran Yacht like this comes with a captain and crew. So you don’t have to think about sailing or having your diner served. It is all taking care of !. When you decide to chart a Crewed Catamaran Yacht like this. Well you have think of prices from $ 39000 USD to $ 45000 USD per week.

Luxury Crewed Catamaran Yacht

  • BVI Luxury Crewed Sailing Yacht.

A Luxury Crewed Sailing Yacht Itinerary. This is when you are going for the most adventurous Yacht Itinerary. This is the perfect Luxury Crewed Sailing Yacht for family and friends !. So first of all you are on a sailing adventure !. How about the Luxury when you are sailing ?. You will get a private captain sailing the ship a private chef who is taking care of every food you like and three more crew members on board. A Sailing Yacht like this is designed to give you the most luxurious and comfortable way of sailing the British Virgin Islands. But with the adventurers a sailing yacht can give you !.

This sailing yacht accommodates six guests. The Crewed sailing yacht has a master bedroom, one twin guest and a double bedroom. And their each provided with full head shower. Maybe it is hard to imagine, but this luxury crewed sailing yacht has a bar area. And also has all the high tech equipment you can think of and the cockpit is very spacious. You can even sail with 10 guests on this boat and live in luxury during your itinerary !. And like with the other Private Yacht Charters, you’ll get water toys that you can enjoy from. Some of them are being the skipper of the Sailing Yacht. But also scuba diving, wake boarding, water skiing, inflatable toys and snorkeling gear. When it comes to prices when you chartering a Luxury Crewed Sailing yacht. You have think about figures from $ 60000 USD to $ 75000 USD per week.

Conclusion about All Inclusive Private Charters.

There are many reasons why you and your companions should charter a private yacht. Examples are Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, anniversary or a wedding. Or even just enjoying your vacation with no hustle and enjoying your private yacht Vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

Non inclusive Private Yacht Charters (Bareboats).

When you are a sailor yourself. Then a Non Inclusive Private Yacht Charter might be just what you are looking for !. This way of sailing gives you the ultimate freedom when it comes to sailing. You can rent a boat right at the docks of Tortola, or you can book one in advance online. There are many Yacht Charter companies online were you can choose from. Two examples are and Below are two examples of boat types that you can rent without crew and captain.

  • BVI Bareboat Catamaran.

You can rent a Bareboat Catamaran from 3 cabins to 5 cabins. Mostly these are luxury Bareboat Catamarans that can contain up to 8 persons or more. These kind of catamarans contain enough space for you and your companions to move around the boat. Because these boats have no crew and captain, then is this an advantage when it comes to moving space around the boat. Also most of these boats are created with a aerodynamic view. That means these catamarans have an elegant silhouette and flowing curves created for speed and maneuver.

The interior is created to live onboard with all the luxury quality you can expect. You can expect the following amenities as part of the interior: a freezer, entertainment systems, Air conditioning, a BBQ Cabin Fans and much more.

And that is not all, because what about the exterior and optional extra’s. The out deck is large enough to use it as a dining place and the trampoline on the bow is ideal for diving and acrobats !. Or when you want to relax, you can use the deck for a nice sunbathing. For the extra features, well you can think of Kayaks, Furling the mainsail, snorkeling gear and much more water sports equipment.

There is a large gap when it comes to renting a BVI Bareboat Catamaran. It all depends on how much cabins you want, how many days you plan to sail and the type of luxury you are thinking of. But in my opinion you have to think about prizes from somewhere around $ 2200 USD to $ 10.000 USD a week.

BVI Bareboat Catamaran
BVI Bareboat Catamaran
  • BVI Luxury Sailing Yacht.

When a sailor (you) and his sailing crew (companions) are up to speed and ultimate sailing experience. A BVI Luxury Sailing Yacht is what you are looking for !. That means a good sailing team in duty of the captain can have the best experience Sailing The Caribbean Sea. You can rent a Sailing Yacht from 1 to 5 cabins, which can occupy more than 10 people. All the cabins are designed in luxury, such as queen size beds and en suites.

These are not just standard Sailing Yachts !. Because if you are all done sailing, you can enjoy the luxury these Sailing Yachts are equipped with. There is enough space where you can enjoy from and have relaxing time. You can use the swim platform and the power dinghy garage. From there you can go snorkeling and enjoy the blue waters of BVI. And the story goes on, because below decks you can take use of the bar and entertainment center. All is designed in a stylish and modern design.

There are more amenities you can take use of. Some of them are en suite washrooms and electric toilets. Full Bimini and Spray Hood, Bow Thrust-er and sunbathing on the deck aft of helms generator.

What are the prizes renting a BVI Luxury Yacht ?.

When it comes to rent prizes for a BVI Luxury Yacht. It is pretty much the same as with renting a BVI Catamaran Yacht. How many companions are you planned to sailing with (how much cabins). The type of luxury Sailing Yacht and what amenities you prefer. I think you have take a dive in your pocket somewhere around $ 1700 USD to $ 10.000 USD per week. This is a large price gap off course, but then again, you have so much to choose from. It all comes how you want to spend your vacation sailing the British Virgin Islands !.

British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands


In general, when you want to Sail The Caribbean and The British Virgin Islands. There is so much to choose from and you have to keep in mind where you want to sail to. So my advice is to you is plan ahead, take your time and do good research. What I tried to achieve in this information, is to give you a picture what Yacht Charters you can rent and where you can choose from and what are the costs. If you like, you can read more information about BVI Charter Yachts following this link ‘ The Best BVI Charter Yachts ‘

The top 6 Sailing Recommendations in The British Virgin Islands:

  1. Tortola Island

The Tortola Island is a perfect destination to drop your anchor. In Tortola, you can sail at the Sopers Hole Marina which is a stunning Harbour to anchor. From there, you can use BVI Charter Yachts to sail to the jaw-dropping Indians Marine Park. And enjoy a plenty of water sports there including snorkeling !. You’ll be surprised by the untouched beauty of beaches here that offer a secluded and calm environment to the visitors.

Sopers Hole Wharf & Marina
Sopers Hole Wharf & Marina
  1. Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is one of the most beautiful and largest islands of British Virgin Islands. It is also the most visited destination among all other islands. The baths in Virgin Gorda are undoubtedly the most stunning among the rest. From crystal clear waters to huge caves to grottos, Virgin Gorda has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. The major highlight of the island is Devil’s Bay which is an ideal beach for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

The Baths - Virgin Gorda

  1. Anegada

From Virgin Goda, you can head off to another breathtaking island, Anegada. Here in Anegada, you’ll see a number of jaw-dropping beaches with crystal clear waters. You can also enjoy snorkeling in any of the beaches here. Besides the beaches, you’ll spot plenty of salt ponds and flamingos wandering on island. When you are in Anegada, don’t leave without eating the scrumptious lobster on the beach.

Anegada Beach
Anegada Beach
  1. Norman Island and Cooper Island

Norman Island and Cooper Island are worth a visit when you are in British Virgin Islands. From Indians Marine Park, you can start sailing to the Norman Island. You can enjoy swimming in the unspoiled beaches of Norman Island and also enjoy snorkeling and diving in its crystal clear waters. From the Norman Island, you can sail to the Cooper Island. The beach of Cooper Island is said to be one of the best beaches in British Virgin Islands.

Norman Island - British Virgin Islands
Norman Island – British Virgin Islands
  1. Salt Island

Salt Island is another one of the most famous islands of BVI. Located in South East of the Road Town, the island is named after its salt ponds. You can enjoy a plenty of water sports here including snorkeling. Make sure to give yourself a mud bath before jumping into the ocean from your BVI Charter Yacht.

Salt Island - British Virgin Islands
Salt Island – British Virgin Islands
  1. Jost Van Dyke

­Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four major islands of British Virgin Islands. Though the island is smaller in size, there is much to do and see here for all the sailing lovers. The island is home to spectacular Great Harbour, White Bay and Bubble Pool at Diamond Cay. Whether you want to swim in the beach or enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving or simply sip on the rum at the beach, you can do it all in Jost Van Dyke. You can only reach this island with one of the BVI Charters Yachts from BoatBookings.

There are many options for you to plan your trip to British Virgin Islands with a Private Yacht Charter Broker and a Travel agent. You will be prepared for an ultimate beach vacation of your lifetime!

Jost Van Dyke - British Virgin Islands
Jost Van Dyke – British Virgin Islands

What can you expect when you set foot on one of the British Virgin Islands

Nightlife in The BVI.

When you anchor your Private Yacht Charter and set foot on one of the British Virgin Islands. You can expect a large variety of Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and loads of other activities you can enjoy from.

First of all, The British Virgin Islands are all surrounded with beautiful white beaches. Some of them are more accessible than others. But when it comes to nightlife in The BVI, you can have a romantic walk on one of the beaches and maybe skinny dipping as well 🙂 (well if you’re into that). But also watch the lights of the restaurants and bars, or enjoying some local music on the beach.

Also a lot of nightlife offer Beach Parties that goes on till dawn. And with that, maybe you can spot a celebrity as well. Because many celebrities love coming to the British Virgin Islands.

Here are some of the most famous Nightlife in The BVI.

  • Soggy Dollar Bar – The famous Pain Killer Bar – Jost van Dyke. You read my post for more information here – Soggy Dollar Bar
  • B-Line – Incredible view with drinks and great food – Jost van Dyke. (link to TripAdvisor)
  • Pirates Bight – Amazing sea view Bar | Restaurant with great food – Norman Island.
  • Willy–T’s – A Party Boat (Must see) – Peter Island BVI.
  • Bananakeet Café – One of the Best BVI restaurants – Tortola. (Link to TripAdvisor)
  • Seddy’s One Love Bar & Grill Experience the true island feeling – Jost van Dyke.
  • Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar – Like BBQ’s ?. This bar has it all !. – Jost van Dyke.

Activities That BVI has to Offer.

If you and your companions are done with the Nightlife in The BVI. The British Virgin Islands has numerous attractions where you can enjoy from. There are activities you can enjoy from like hiking, climbing, scuba diving and even Dolphin Discovery and much more !.

But there are also a lot of cultural attractions you can visit. The BVI offers museums, National Parks Cave visiting, Rum Distilleries, Pirating The Treasure Point and visiting a Copper Mine.

National Parks Cave visiting
National Parks Cave visiting

Here are some of the Famous Activities BVI has to offer.

Virgin Gorda
  • The Baths – Popular Beach with the famous rock formations. You can read more about The Baths on my post following this link – Virgin Gorda BVI
  • Copper Mine Point – Ruins from an old copper mine and it is a national park as well. You can read more about the Copper Mine Point at Wikipedia following this link – Copper Mine, Virgin Gorda.
  • Gorda Peak National Park – National Park with Stunning Island Views. You can Google for more information about this park. Just search for the keword ‘ Gorda Peak National Park BVI’ and you will find plenty of information.
Tortola BVI
  • Mount Healthy Park – This park has the famous observation platform where you can have amazing views from the surroundings.
  • Good Moon Farm – This is a Organic Farm in the BVI.
  • JR O’Neal – This is a Botanical Garden in the City Road Town BVI.
  • Dolphin Discovery Tortola – This is a Water Park in Road Town BVI.
  • Callwood Rum Distillery – The famous Rum Distillery !.

This is just little example on what you can expect when Sailing The British Virgin Islands. There is absolutely much more to see and to do when you set foot on one of the British Virgin Islands !.

Shopping in The British Virgin Islands.

Probably when you sail to The British Virgin Islands, you can’t miss the tax free shopping !. The British Virgin Islands has many duty free shops where you can buy your tax free goods. The BVI has several Jewelry shops and Fine art Gallery’s. But you can also shop for electronics, china, perfumes and all other goods you might think of.

Besides shopping for goods, you can also go for local foods and beverages. Many Private Dream Yachts with crew are docking at one of the many docks. When the guests are shopping for goods and have a good time, the chef is provisioning the Private Dream Yacht with new and fresh food. So when continuing their itinerary the guests have plenty to eat and to drink.

Tips when you shop in The BVI.

Keep in mind when you shop for items in The BVI that you’re ‘only’ allowed $1600.00(USD) worth of items to take back in duty-free goods. So bring in the empty suitcase with you when you sail The British Virgin Islands !. The advantage of shopping The BVI, is that the official currency is the U.S. Dollar. So this makes it much easier for you to purchase items.

Tortola Main Dock Shops.

When you dock your private yacht charter at Port Purcell or the Inner Harbour of Tortola. Then there are many shops to visit. This counts also when you port the Road Town Ferry Terminal. All the shops are at hands reach. You can shop for Fine Arts, food at supermarkets, Electronics, scuba gear and many more. Following is a list of some of the shops you can visit when you anchor your Private Yacht charter at one of docks.

Tortola Main Dock Shops
Tortola Main Dock Shops
  • The Sunny Caribbee Spice CO.

This is a little shop where you can buy all kinds of spices, cosmetics, art and craft-work. Actually this shop is now occupied by The Sunny Caribbe Spice Co, what was once the first guest house in Tortola. I have found their Facebook Page. You can visit this following this link – The Sunny Caribbee Spice CO

  • Body Glam Cosmetics.

Well it’s all in the name with this one. You can spend your money on Luxury Cosmetics. And guess what ?. This shop is right at the cruising docks !. I have found the official website for you –

  • Bolo’s Department Store.

This is store where you can buy all kinds of perfumes, soaps, baby necessities and Groceries. But also jewelry, leather goods and crystals. And the list goes on actually :). I don’t think they have a website, so here is their Facebook Page – Bolo’s Department Store.

  • Bleu Chocolat BVI.

Now this one I like. If you are into chocolate, then you have to visit this store. Probably they have the best chocolate in Tortola. Their store is decorated with all kinds of chocolates and colors. They also sell all kinds of cakes. Well worth a visit I think. I only could find a Facebook webpage. Follow this link to visit them – Bleu Chocolat BVI.

  • OneMart Superstore.

This is huge supermarket where you can buy your grocery’s, beverages and snacks. Actually they have everything a supermarket has to offer. You can visit their official website at OneMart Superstore

There is really to much to mention. So here is a mini map from Google Maps. So you can surf through Tortola yourself. Or you can send me an mail and I will describe the shops for you.

Sightseeing Fishing Charters – The British Virgin Islands.

If you are into fishing ?. Well then you are at the right spot !. Actually on almost any island withing The British Virgin Islands. you can Charter a Fishing Boat. You can go for the luxury sightseeing charters, but you also go for a charter boat that is more adventurous. Actually, The British Virgin Islands are the most visited islands within the Caribbean when it comes to sport fishing. You can fish for mostly all the fish, but the most popular are Tuna, Swordfish and Marlin fishing.

Here are the 3 best Sightseeing Fishing Charters in the British Virgin Islands.

  1. Virgin Gorda Fishing Charters BVI. – They offer sport fishing in all levels of experience, because they have captains that have many years of experience. So they can help you in any way. Also you want to catch a fish !. That is why you are going for a Sightseeing Fishing Charter. Don’t worry, Virgin Gorda Fishing Charters BVI can give you a time you will never forget !. In a nutshell, they have good equipped boats, experienced crew and captain and there is plenty of fish to catch. You can visit their official website at
  2. Sealingo Watersports Virgin Gorda. – This Sightseeing Fishing Charter company offers you a lot !. When it comes to tours. They offer tour on the shoreline of ‘The Baths’, a never to forget experience ‘Night Life Reef Tour’. But also a tour called ‘Escapade of the Sound Diving tour’ and ‘BVI Cruises’. They also have a list of activities like wake boarding, subwing underwater snorkeling, Banana Boating. And further on SUP Boarding, Sport Fishing and the list goes on !. You can read all of the information and booking at their official site —
  3. Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club Tortola. – Also known as the Blue Marlin Capital. This company goes back in fishing around the 1960’s. So they build up a good reputation of sport fishing around the world. This company has become a fishing club, so keep that in mind. You can’t just go to a desk and hire a boat, crew and a captain to start fishing. Because this is a club where you have to sign into. But as this is a famous club within the British Virgin Island. I like to mention it as well. Their official website is

Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club Tortola

Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club Tortola

This is the End of Sailing The British Virgin Islands.

My sailing journey has come to an end with writing this article. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article. But most of all, I hope you can take any use of. As with the other articles, if you like more information about the subject Sailing The Caribbean. Then you can subscribe to my mailing list. You can also mail me when you have any suggestions or you want to ad something regarding to Sailing The Caribbean. My mail address is or you can leave a comment below.

My wise quote for this article is:

“The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigator” – Edward Gibbon.

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