Sailing Little Cayman Island and what to expect ?.

Sailing Little Cayman Island from Grand Cayman Island. Well it might be no surprise that Grand Cayman is the most famous islands between the three islands. Simply put, Grand Cayman has a lot more to offer than the Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. But let me tell you that these two other islands might just have everything you are looking for !. This is all about Little Cayman.

Actually The Little Cayman is the smallest island of the Cayman Islands. But nevertheless, The Little Cayman has a lot to offer !. And probably the most active attraction is scuba diving.

But if you are into watching birds, then you can enjoy your day at The Booby Pond Nature Preserve. This is because this preserve is home of the Caribbean’s largest colony of Red Footed Boobies that are nestling there. But you can also watch the incredible colony of Frigate Birds.

The Little Cayman island has a lot of nature. So if you are into hiking and enjoying the nature life. Well this Caribbean island offers you that as well. Little Cayman Island has a large untouched area that is well protect. You can book a tour at the National Trust For The Cayman Islands. I will describe this later in this post.

And if you are into relaxing and luxury. Well Little Cayman has a few resorts that you can take use of. And with that you can enjoy the nightlife as well.

A little history of Little Cayman Island.

Somewhere around the year 1500, this island was mostly visited by pirates. And like with other islands, Christopher Columbus discovered this island in the year 1503. Actually this was his final voyage of four islands. When it comes to measures ?. Little Cayman Island is just 16.09km long. That would be 10 miles. The width of the island is just 1.6km (1mile). This island has no mountains, so the highest sea level is 12metres (around 40feet). Today most of the population lives around the road called Buy Banks Rd. And when it comes to population, well that would be between 150 and 200.

In present time Little Cayman Island is mostly visited by Scuba divers, photographers, wildlife lovers and off course people who want to escape the crowd.

How to get to Little Cayman Island ?.

Well in particularly there a two ways to get to The Little Cayman Island. The first one is when you go for a Private Yacht Charter at Grand Cayman. From the Grand Cayman it’s about 80 miles or 128 km sailing distance to Little Cayman. From Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac would be 90 miles (144.8km).

The second one is flying to Little Cayman. There is a little air strip called ‘ The Edward Bodden Airfield or just known as Little Cayman Airport. Good thing to know that this airstrip is just 590ft long (180metres). As to my knowledge there’s no direct flight from Miami FL to Little Cayman. So the best way to fly to Little Cayman, is to book a flight from Miami or another city to Grand Cayman First. From there you can book a domestic flight to Little Cayman.

The Edward Bodden Airfield
The Edward Bodden Airfield | Little Cayman Island

The address of The Edward Bodden Airfield is Guy Banks Rd, Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. And you can give them a call at number +1 345-948-0021. Also the Little Cayman Airport Code is LYB. I don’t think they have an official website. If you could find one, please leave it in the comments please.

Next is the Little Cayman Map straight form Google Maps to give you an impression about The Little Cayman Island.

Little Cayman Island All-Inclusive Resorts.

The next information is about The 2 best accommodations that Little Cayman has to offer. My intention is give you a global view on what these 2 accommodations has to offer. So here it goes –>.

First there is The Pirates Point Resort.

If you are looking for a full luxury accommodation. Well put ‘ The Prirates Point Resort‘ on your list !. This resort has it all and it is located right at the beach of Little Cayman Island and Buy Banks Road. This resort has a large fresh water swimming pool, high speed internet, a dive shop. But also an open bar and a restaurant.

The Pirates Point Resort | Little Cayman Island
The Pirates Point Resort | Little Cayman Island

The Pirate Point Resort Scuba Diving.

The Pirates Point Resort is specialized in Scuba Diving Tours. They have a staff of five instructors who are professional in well everything when it comes to Scuba Diving. For example your safety, diving training, diving guides and personal assistance. And they also have the latest equipment on their disposal like diving computers. And when you want to experience night diving. They also can arrange that as well. You can follow this link ‘ Scuba Diving ‘ to visit the page directly and read all about it.

You can have a little experience on what to expect when you decide to go for Pirate Point Resort and Scuba Diving. I have put in the small link of the video. So enlarge it and you can have a good picture.


When it comes to The Pirate Point Accommodations ?. All their cottages have an island style and fresh look. That is from the outside but also on the inside of the cottages. These cottages have a lot of space and an luxury that you can expect from a Luxury Resort. They have 11 cottages and four of them have Oceanside porches. But keep in mind that these four cottages have Air Conditioning. But the other 7 cottages do have Air Conditioning.

The Specials.

You can have the best food and wines that Little Cayman Island has to offer. And for activities, you can go for a bike exploring which are free for use !. There is a masseuse on the island as well, if you are into that. And you can also rent a scooter or a moped to discover the island, or you can go shopping and have a picnic on the beach.

The The Pirate Point Resort Contact Information.

You can visit The Pirate Point Resort at their official website, which is And you can give them a call at number +1 345-948-1010. If you are at the Island, you can visit them at the following address: 328b Guy Banks Road Little Cayman KY KY3-2501, Guy Banks Rd, Blossom Village, Cayman Islands.

Second is The Little Cayman Beach Resort.

I guess ‘The Little Cayman Beach Resort‘ is the most famous resort on Little Cayman. And this is not joke actually :). This resort is really breathtaking. The resort lies between the Booby Pond and the Caribbean Sea. And it is really not to mention, but they are also specialized in Scuba Diving.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort
The Little Cayman Beach Resort

Little Cayman Beach Resort Scuba Diving.

This resort offers you a world-class diving experience at the Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park. This Marine Park has everything a Scuba Diver can expect. And that is diving in a all year around warm tropical waters type of diving. The have experienced Reef Divers that can help you with diving courses. And they arrange everything for you, like gearing up, snacks and drinks. And off course they will ensure your safety first. So you can just walk to the Luxury Diving Boat, step up and sail the Bloody Bay. Put your gear on and have an experience you will never forget. And don’t forget to take hundreds of pictures or GoPro movies while you are diving. You can following this link ‘ Scuba Diving‘ to read more at their official site. So following is a nice YouTube Video that Pirates Point Resort has created.

The Accommodations of The Little Cayman Beach Resort.

The Little Cayman Beach has a 2 story resort which contains 40 luxurious and air conditioned rooms. The rooms are not that spacious like the Pirate Point Resort, but it comes with all the luxury you need. Some of them are a refrigerator, Private bathroom, Television, a closet and Air Conditioning. And when you wake up from a hard days diving experience, you can enjoy the white beach and the crystal blue sea. They have a main dining rooms that serves everything like meals, breakfasts and dinners. All this is prepared by the experienced and local cooks.

What is more to say about The Little Cayman Beach Resort ?.

Well when you plan to visit this resort. All the guests have access to the bar and services that this resort has to offer. But also their nice swimming pool and Nature Spa. Eventually their goal is go give you a relaxing and an experience that will keep you on for years.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort Contact Information.

So you can visit them at their official website at And when you are at the island, you can visit them at the following address 1128 Guy Banks Road, Blossom Village KY3-2501, Cayman Islands. Or give them a call at number (855) 485-0022.

Little Cayman Villas.

You can also go for Little Cayman Villas !. So I have reviewed the The 3 Best Luxury Cayman Villas that you visit. These are little reviews about the 2 Luxury Villas you can rent. But I have put the direct links in these reviews. So you can read their official website for more information.

1. Little Cayman Island Paradise Villas and Resort.

This Villas and resort is also located at the Guy Banks Road. So you are just a few steps away from the white beach and clear blue sea to take a dive !. Their name is a common name which is recognizable and directly related on what a luxury Resort with villas has to offer.

Paradise Villas and Resort Scuba Diving.

They are associated with the diving club The Conch Club Divers . So there is not much to review from their website than you can scuba dive in the Bloody Bay Wall as well. But I will review ‘ The Conch Club Divers’ later on in the subject ‘ Cayman Island Thing to Do’ .

Accommodations that Paradise Villas and Resort has to offer.

Paradise Villas has 12 private villas with an oceanfront view and beach access. Al these villas are equipped with kitchens and has amenities like a Television, fridge, Air Conditioning and a Coffee Maker. But also a bath, excellent WIFI connection and a Microwave. And off course you can enjoy the King Size bed for your well deserved sleep. For as much I can give you information about on how much persons can sleep in these villas. My opinion is that these villas can only hold 2 or 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. So maybe you have to keep that in mind.

Little Cayman Island Paradise Villas and Resort
Little Cayman Island Paradise Villas and Resort

What is more to say about Paradise Villas and Resort ?.

Well they have an excellent Restaurant, called The Hungry Iguana Restaurant. At this restaurant they offer sea food dishes. But also soups, sandwiches and salads in a cozy environment. So you can have your diner, lunch and breakfast right at the Hungry Iguana Restaurant. Also they have a Bar, that is called The Sports Bar !. This is a bar that is situated right at the beach, where you can have your favorite drink and conversation.

The Paradise Villas and Resort Contact Information.

If you like you read more information about The Paradise Villas, you can visit their official website at And their address is Guy Banks Road, Blossom Village KY3-2501, Cayman Islands. But you can give them a call to at number +1 345-948-0001 as well.

2. The Sir Turtle Beach Villa’s – Little Cayman.

The Sir Turtle Beach Villa is really astonishing !. You can find this resort in the middle of The South Hold Sound. And when you have a stay at this resort, it comes with full Caribbean ocean view, together with a loft setup for children. The good thing is that all the villas has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. So that makes this resort ideal for families !.

The Accommodations (Villas).

As I mentioned before, they have luxury villas with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. So these villas can hold up to 8 persons and makes it ideal for families. Also these villas have three king size beds and a front porch that looks over the private swimming pool. These villas are very modern, but with a Caribbean environment.

The Sir Turtle Beach Villa's | Little Cayman.
The Sir Turtle Beach Villa’s | Little Cayman.

Amenities that Sir Turtle Beach has to offer.

They have a private swimming pool and you can take use of their bikes when you rent a villa. You can also take use of a spacious kitchen area with all conveniences in it. Also you can practice your grilling skills with the large outdoor BBQ. You can also use the fast WIFI connection, dryer and washer that is at your proposal when you rent a villa.

Activities that Sir Turtle Beach has to offer.

So with like the other resorts, Sir Turtle Beach are also specialized in Scuba Diving. They offer Scuba Diving Tours in the Bloody Bay Marine Park. You can book a Scuba Diving tour at Sir Turtle Beach which is connect to company Conch Club Divers and other diving and fishing companies. But you can also go for snorkeling, kayaking, deep sea fishing and sailing. And besides this, you can also go for biking, bird watching, hiking the island and iguana feeding. You can see there is always something to do, to fill up your day !.

The Sir Turtle Beach Contact Information.

Interested ?. Well go for their official website at You can give them a visit at the following address: Guy Banks Rd, Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. And you can even give them a call first. Their number is +1 305-454-7627.

3. Little Cayman Escape Villa.

When you can rent most of the villas at Little Cayman Island at The South Hold Sound. Little Cayman Escape Villa is located at the other side of the island near the road North Coast Road. This is absolutely not a resort, because there is just one villa you can rent. This villa has a 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can hold up to 9 people.

About the Little Cayman Villa.

When you rent this villa, you discover that you might feel like you’re staying in a large Tropical Lighthouse. So this villa has large windows and an amazing view at the Caribbean sea and the white beach. You can take use of the large porch and watch the amazing views. And because there is no crowd and other facilities, you can watch the stars at night with a good glass of wine with your companions.

The Little Cayman Escape Villa
The Little Cayman Escape Villa

The villa’s Amenities.

So first of all you will have a mind-blowing view of the beach front. And you can take use of a fast WIFI connection, BBQ and Grill, the two queen size beds. But also four bunk beds, Air Conditioning, Cable TV, dryer, washer and two baths.

The Little Cayman Escape Villa Contact Information.

So to get more information about Little Cayman Escape Villa. I have searched for their official site, but couldn’t find one. If you can find the official website, please tip me on that please. The most closest website I could find is and again at Tripadvisor – Follow this link – TripAdvisor Little Cayman Escape Villa. But you can visit them at address Cayman Islands, Sister Islands 3135 North Coast Road East and you can give them a call at +1 345-945-4144.

Little Cayman Island Restaurants.

The following are the 3 best Little Cayman Restaurants you can visit. I have created a little review about these restaurants with links to their sites, address and telephone number for you.

1. Cook Food ‘Little Cayman’ Seafood & Local Caribbean Food for Delivery.

This is a traditional restaurant. So their food is prepared at the Cayman Traditional style mostly with a fish dish. You can expect fresh fish straight out of the Caribbean sea at a daily basis. For instance Cook Food has dishes prepared with shrimp or lobster and even Turtle stews. But they also prepare food like Pigtails and red beans, Cayman Style Beef, Curry Goat, Cow-foot and soups with seafood. Cook Food offer a lot more dishes like Mac’n Cheese and Breadfruit dishes. So this is probably a restaurant worth a visit.

” Little Cayman Cook food” can delivers dishes for a few people to even a group of people. And you don’t have to dine at Cook Food, because they also deliver your food, or you can pick it up right at The Cook Foot Restaurant.

The Little Cayman Cook Food Contact Information.

For more information about ‘ The Little Cayman Cook Food restaurant ‘, you can visit their Facebook page at I don’t think they have a website, so I have place their Facebook page link. But you can give them a visit at the following address: 1788 Guy Banks Rd, Blossom Village, Blossom Village, Little Cayman. And you can give them a call at number (345) 322-0208.

2. Hungry Iguana Restaurant.

This restaurant is located at the Guy Banks Road and the ‘Edward Bodden Airfield‘. When you are renting an accommodation at the Paradise Villas, then your diner is served at The Hungry Iguana Restaurant. The restaurant and the villas are located and not far from each-other so it always in reach.

The Hungry Iguana Sports Bar and Restaurant.

Probably their top choice of food are their salads and cheeseburgers when you have your lunch. They serve a variation of Caribbean and American style dishes, like lobsters and Conch Chowder and other seafood dishes. They also serve all kinds of soups and sandwiches. And for breakfast you can go for waffles, pancakes, seasonal fresh fruits and whipped cream & syrup. You can also go for vegetarian food like Masala Dosa, Dosa and Idly. These are dishes with rice and lentil dumping together with Sambar, coconut chutney and tomato chutney. It all depends on your choice of taste !. So you can have your breakfast, lunch and diner right at the same restaurant and straight at the beach !.

The Hungry Iguana Sports Bar and Restaurant | Little Cayman Island
The Hungry Iguana Sports Bar and Restaurant | Little Cayman Island

The ambiance you can experience when dining at The Hungary Iguana Restaurant.

Well, like I mentioned before, you can have all your food and enjoying the sights of the Caribbean Sea !. The Hungry Iguana restaurant has an ambiance of relaxing and casual feeling. You an have a seat at one of the 12 tables in the dining room. But also there are also 8 tables which you can take use of at the patio with oceanfront view. But when you want to eat your burger or sandwich at the bar. No problem as well, because they have 20 seats available.

The Hungry Iguana Address and Location.

I couldn’t find an official website of the Hungry Iguana so the following link will get you to their Facebook Page. Their Facebook page is – FaceBook The Hungry Iguana – . You ca give them a call at number (877) 322-9626. And when you are at Little Cayman island, you can give them a visit at the following address: 2 Iguana Court, Blossom Village, Little Cayman.

3. Beach Bum café – Little Cayman Island.

This is a nice restaurant right at the beach and located at Sunset Cove. They offer a range of Jamaican and Caribbean dishes and easy fast food. And you can also order your diner and take it away, so you can have your diner somewhere else. The Beach Bum Café is popular café, because they are know for their authentic food prepared by the skilled cook Raymond. They also serve weekly specials like Conch Chowder, Stir Fried Chicken with vegetable Fried Rice.

Beach Bum café
Beach Bum café | Little Cayman Island.

Other food dishes you can have at The Beach Bum Café

Some are Red Pea Soup with Salt Beef, Southern Fried Chicken with Couce of Side. But also Banana Bread Pudding, Coconut Whiskey Cake and Grilled Jerk Pork and Grilled Mahi Mahi. The grilled dishes are served with Mashed Potatoes and Veg. All these dishes comes straight from Raymond’s Garden

The Beach Bum Café Location and activities.

Because The Beach Bum Café is near the accommodation Sunset Cove at Wonder Lane. You can also rent a Queen Room with Ocean Front View right at Sunset Cove. From there you can take a walk to The Beach Bum Café and have you meal. When you stay at the Sunset Cove, you can also get into action with Kayaking, biking and snorkeling.

And when this is not enough ?. You ca rent yourself a kite surf at The Lost Boys Kitesurfing. They offer Kite Surfing Courese, so you can get in ‘shape’ for the kite surfing rush at sea. These three locations are right next to each other. So following are their respectively addresses and contact information.

The Beach Bum Café – Their address is MWGX+58 Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. But you can give a call at number . I couldn’t find a website so here is their Facebook Page at – FaceBook Beach Bum Café – .

Sunset Cove Resort: You can give The Sunset Cove a visit at the address – MWGX+67 Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. Or you can give them a call at number

Lost Boys Kitesurfing: Address – MWGX+48 Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. You can Give them a call at number . Their official website is

Little Cayman Island Things to do ? .

Well actually I have mentioned a lot of activities you can do when you are at Little Cayman Island. Some of them are biking, snorkeling, hiking and of course scuba diving. But the best activity that Little Cayman Island has to offer, is Scuba Diving. So I want to write the last part of this article about the best Scuba Diving school at Little Cayman.

Conch Club Divers Scuba Diving School at Little Cayman.

Like I mentioned before ‘ The Sir Turtle Beach Villas ‘ is also associated with ‘ The Conch Club Divers School ‘. So when you book your accommodation at Sir Turtle Beach Villas, you can arrange a Scuba Diving Tour from Sir Turtle Beach Villas to The Conch Club Divers School. The Conch Club Divers is probably the best Scuba Divers School at Little Cayman. They own a nice 42 Newton Charter Boat that is available in the morning and the afternoon. This Charter Boat is specially fitted for diving and is a fast boat as well. They take safety as the highest priority. But you will also have an experience and relaxing time you will never forget !. The Conch Club Divers will take care of everything on board, like gear transport and briefing. You can expect staff with lots of diving and charter boat experience.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you can sail with up to 20 people on the 42′ Newton Charter Boat. So bring your family, friends or other companions with you and have memorable diving experience !!.

Scuba Diving at Little Cayman Island
Scuba Diving at Little Cayman Island

The Conch Club Diving Courses.

The Conch Club Divers offer diving courses for new divers, inexperienced and the experienced divers. They have all levels included in their diver course package. Some of them are the Certification of Open Water Diver, Scuba Diving Discoverer and Advanced Open Water Diver. The ‘ Discover Scuba Diving’ is the first level in certification. If you want to level up your scuba diving certifications. They offer the Certification of Dive-master and specialty courses like Nitrox and Deep Diver certifications.

The Conch Club Divers Contact and Address Information.

You can visit The Conch Club Divers official website by following the link – For reservations and further information, you can give them a call at number (345) 938-1026. Or you can send them a mail at And when you already set foot on Little Cayman Island, you can head up to MW8H+49 Blossom Village, Cayman Islands. This is on Guy Banks Road like most of the other companies.

To get you in the mood and a little experience with Conch Club Divers. If have found a nice YouTube Video for you. This video is Uploaded by Connor Low (YouTube) – Scuba Diving arranged by Conch Club Divers -.

I have reached the end of this article !. I hope you’ve had a nice reading time, but most of all to get an idea on what Little Cayman Island has to offer. If you have something nice to say or more information to add, please leave a notice in the comments. Or you can mail me at Anyway Good luck everyone !.

If you are at The Grand Cayman Island you can read more about The Grand Island Shopping following this link ‘ Grand Island Shopping’ . The Grand Cayman Attractions you can visit, following this link ‘ Grand Cayman Island Attractions‘ . And the Grand Cayman Accommodations on this site, by following this link ‘ Grand Cayman Islands Accommodations’ .

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