Grand Cayman Island Shopping and Souvenirs.

What can you expect from the Grand Cayman Island Shopping and Souvenirs Shops ?. The Cayman Island are a premium sailing destination in the Caribbean. Because of this, vacationers will want to do a bit of shopping for themselves. But also take some Cayman Islands souvenirs home to their friends and family. Shopping in the Cayman Islands mostly takes place on the main island of Grand Cayman. Especially in the capital city of Georgetown, and at a couple of shops on the smaller island of Cayman Brac.

Just like most Caribbean islands, there are several items that can be bought in the Cayman Islands at good prices. But you will find that prices for most things are more expensive than you might be accustomed to. The Cayman’s have a high cost of living and a large percentage of the population is wealthy. It is an international banking center, after all, most visitors have to change their US dollars for Cayman dollars. Which are normally around 20% higher. So on average you will actually get to use about.78 per US dollar spent. The best places for tourists to shop are in duty-free stores, but we will discuss those later.

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Below is the Google Map of the shops you can find at Grand Cayman Island.

Grand Cayman Island Shopping.

George Town, Grand Cayman, have to anchor offshore and ferry their passengers ashore by shuttle boats (tenders). Passengers disembark in Georgetown, right in the center of the Grand Cayman shopping district. Georgetown is the capital of the Cayman Islands and offers the very best Duty free and souvenir shopping with a vast selection of items to choose from. Many duty free stores are also now located within walking distance of the cruise terminal for your shopping pleasure.

Several restaurants and cafes are also nearby, so there is no need to worry if you need a bite before returning to the cruise ship. As you walk around Georgetown taking in the sights and shops. Please be sensitive towards the motorists as you cross the streets in search of duty free shopping deals.

Occasionally, the Royal Cayman Islands Police have officers on patrol in the Georgetown harbor to direct traffic. But also for the benefit of frequent cruise ship visitors who venture to look the wrong way. Next to the northern cruise terminal in Georgetown is a telecommunication center with internet access and pay phones. You can use these facilities if you want to let your family know that you’re arrived, as well. Also at the Georgetown Post Office you can send postcards back home. Following this link to The Royal Cayman Island Police .

The Royal Cayman Islands Police
The Royal Cayman Islands Police

Grand Cayman Island Visitors and Duty Free Zone’s.

Many visitors to Grand The Cayman Islands come by cruise ship or by a Private Yacht Charter. And most of the Cruises and Private Yacht Charters dock in Georgetown. The duty free zone is located around the cruise ship terminal or in the direct area of Georgetown. But also the many restaurants, taxi and other transportation kiosks are at reach of a few steps.

There is also the Post Office (to send postcards to the ones back home), and places to make international calls and use the internet. Most of the shopping is located on Church Street near the terminal, as well as in the Galleria. If you did not come to the Cayman’s on a cruise, it might be best to hold off your shopping until the ships have ferried their passengers back to the liner. This can give you more freedom, as the area around the terminal can become very congested.

The Best Grand Cayman Deals.

You can get the Best Grand Cayman deals at the jewelry shops. Especially pieces crafted locally from a distinctive stone known as Caymanite. Caymanite is a beautiful semi-precious dolomite stone that is made into pendants, rings, bracelets, etc., as well as sculptures and small pieces of artwork. It is distinctive with its creamy background and bands of tan, beige, grey and white.

Since it is only found in the Cayman’s, it is a particularly wonderful thing to take home as Grand Cayman Island souvenirs. Other jewelry made of gold, silver, and precious stones are also available at around a 30% discount over other tourist destinations in the area or even back home. However, be careful to comparison shop, because even though all the jewelers purchase their inventory from the same suppliers, prices can vary widely. It is advised to keep to Duty Free shops or reputable jewelers. Sometimes a bargain-basement price indicates that the pieces in question are of questionable quality.

More Grand Cayman Island gifts and Souvenirs you can purchase !.

Other beautiful items that can be purchased at good prices in the Cayman’s are china, crystal, perfumes, tobacco products, liquors. But also leather goods, cosmetics and watches. Rolex’s are especially inexpensive, sometimes as much as 20% off the normal price in US retail outlets. Grand Cayman is also the site of several luxury brand stores, such as Gucci, Versace, Tiffany, Cartier, and more.

How about The Duty Free Shops.

As mentioned previously, Duty Free shops are where to find many of the best shopping bargains in the Grand Cayman Island. Duty Free shops are able to offer knock-down prices on luxurious items. Because they do not apply the local taxes from their point of origin. Many big-name luxury product manufacturers set aside a certain amount of their inventory to be sold duty free. So, a Rolex watch, which is manufactured in Switzerland, is actually cheaper in the Cayman’s than in its country of origin. This is because in the Cayman’s you will not pay the Swiss taxes. The Cayman Islands Duty Free shops are only found in “International Zones,” frequently in airports. In case of the Cayman Islands. These are the areas around the cruise ship docking terminal.

One problem with shopping in the Cayman’s is that some shops advertise as “duty free” or “cruise line preferred”, inferring that they have cheaper prices. But they are not actually duty free shops, so keep that in mind. If you are able to carry your merchandise out of the store yourself or are not in a designated international zone. The shop is using a deceptive advertising tactic. This is not illegal, however, so it is up to the buyer to exercise discretion. Save you duty free shopping for when you are leaving the Cayman’s, as most of these purchases must be stored in the baggage area of the plane and not carried on. Especially when it comes to liquids such as liquors, due to security reasons.

The Best Grand Cayman Island Souvenirs you can buy.

The best Grant Cayman Islands souvenirs are those that are manufactured locally, or “touristy” purchases. Aside from Caymanite pieces, there are several attractive and distinctive Grand Cayman Islands souvenirs. Beautiful baskets, hats, bags, tea cozies and other items are woven from local palm fronds make excellent gifts. The Cayman’s are known for their lovely seascape paintings by homegrown artists. These gifts can be quite inexpensive if purchased off the main thoroughfare instead of at a high-priced gallery. Cayman food and drink products are also great souvenirs. Some of these products are: pepper jellies, jams, sea salt, hot sauce, and of course rum.

Rum is a huge export and a source of local pride for the Cayman Islands. Several notable brands are distilled in this small country, such as Tortuga. But also Big Black Dick, and Seven Fathoms. Tortuga is the most well-known label. Tourists can visit their distillery, sample their wares, and take home bottles on discount. Rum is also the key ingredient in probably the most well-known and best-priced Cayman Islands souvenirs: rum cakes.

The Caribbean Rum Cake Tradition.

Most Caribbean nations have their own recipes for rum cake. This is a tradition supposedly began during the 1600s when sailors would soak their daily bread ration in their daily ration of rum. Rum is made from sugarcane. At the time, this was a major export from many Caribbean nations. And when it domes to the Cayman Islands. Well, they were no exception to. Cayman rum cakes are light and flavorful and make excellent presents for everyone back home. Tortuga Rum Cakes are the best sellers for sure !. And visitors can even make large orders to have shipped back home. Instead of trying to lug them onto a commercial flight.

The Caribbean Rum Cake Tradition | Grand Cayman Island
The Caribbean Rum Cake Tradition | Grand Cayman Island

You can visit their official website at – to get more information about their famous Caribbean Rum Cake.

The 7 Best Grand Cayman Island Souvenirs and Gift Shops.

Other Cayman Islands souvenirs are hats, key-chains, shot glasses, Cayman postcards and greeting cards, hand-painted glass items and beaded jewelry. But also t-shirts, locally-manufactured creams and lotions, sewn handcrafts, books and music by Cayman Islanders.There is literary to much to mention !.

Some popular stops for Grand Cayman Island souvenirs are The Glassblowing Studio and Pure Art Gallery and Gifts. Both on South Church Street in Georgetown. Some other shops are Sea and Stone Crystal Shop, Artifacts Ltd., the Kennedy Gallery, Cayman Scents Ltd. and Books and Books.

You can find the addresses from each shop in the following information:

  • The Glassblowing Studio Address.

You can visit The Glassblowing Studio at The Charles Building, 189 Nortch Church StreetGrand Cayman KY1-1208,Cayman Islands. Their direct telephone number is (345) 946-1483. Or you can visit their official website at – It seems that this website is temporarily down (checked okt 2020).

  • Pure Art Gallery and Gifts Address.

Well their official website is And you can reach them at the following telephone number (345) 949-9133. When you are at Grand Cayman, you can visit them at the following address: 5 Denham-Thompson Way & South Church Street. P.O. Box 2039 Grand Cayman, KY1-1105, Cayman Islands.

Pure Art Gallery and Gifts
Pure Art Gallery and Gifts
  • Grand Cayman Artifacts Ltd Address.

This is a nice Art Gallery shop where you can buy all your gifts. Their official website is . Their address is 6-8 Harbour Dr, George Town, Cayman Islands. And if you want to call them, their number is +1 345-949-2442.

Opening times are: Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 5:00pm and Sat: 10:00am 2:00pm.

Grand Cayman Artifacts Ltd
Grand Cayman Artifacts Ltd
  • Sea and Rox Crystal Shop Grand Cayman Island.

The official and you can reach them at number +1 (345) 326-4765. When you are at Grand Cayman you can visit the shop direct at Address: Coconut Plaza (2nd Floor) – 18 Earth Close Circle Unit #9 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – KY1 1108. This Website seems to be out of the air (checked okt 2020). But there is another on you can visit and that is Isy B. Design. You can visit their website at

Isy B. Design | Grand Cayman Island
Isy B. Design | Grand Cayman Island
  • The Kennedy Gallery – Grand Cayman Island.

You can contact them at the phone number +1 345.949.8077. Their direct address is Kennedy Gallery / Cayman Fine Art Framing & Printing PO Box 30615 – KY1-1203 – Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Or you can visit them at the following website:

Opening Days & Hours: Tuesday till Friday – 10 AM till 5 PM | Saturday – 10 AM till 4 PM | CLOSED – Sunday and Monday.

The Kennedy Gallery
The Kennedy Gallery – Grand Cayman Island.
  • Cayman Scents Ltd.

You can visit the Cayman Scents Ltd. website at Their address 472 West Bay Road, P.O Box 12393 | Grand Cayman when you are at Grand Cayman. Or you can call them on the following number: +1 (345) 324-0200.

Cayman Scents Ltd | Grand Cayman Island
Cayman Scents Ltd | Grand Cayman Island
  • Books And Books – Grand Cayman Island.

You can visit the Books & Books Bookstore in Grand Cayman at the following address: 45 Market St.Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Or you can give them a call at +1 345.640.2665. But maybe you want to visit their official website first ?. Well that would be —

Their Store Hours are from Mon-Sun: 10am-6pm.

Books & Books Bookstore in Grand Cayman
Books & Books Bookstore in Grand Cayman

Shopping in the Grand Cayman Island can be expensive !. But savvy shoppers can find good bargains if they exercise some patience and shop around. So put on your pirate had and make some good deals !.

This beautiful Caribbean nation has so much to offer its visitors that you may have a hard time finding room for everything on your Sailing itinerary with your Private Yacht Charter !.

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