Chartering and Luxury Yacht Charters

This is a brief article about Chartering and Luxury Yacht Charters. So have you pictured yourself on a luxury yacht enjoying 5 star gourmet cuisine, sipping exotic drinks and watching a fantastic sunset? It’s more affordable than you might think!

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First, you must choose the type of Luxury yacht. Sailboats are slower and have less room than a Motor yacht of similar length. But, they are much more economical to charter. Many people love the quiet and romantic ambiance of a sailboat, but the powerboat gets there a great deal faster. We’ll be glad to show you some comparisons to see what ‘feels’ right to you.

A catamaran is a great compromise, offering much more room. It can accommodate a larger party, and is fun to sail without the “listing” or leaning for which a monohull sailboat is so famous.

4 Types of Luxury Yacht Charters.

There are four categories of chartering:

  1. Bareboat Vessel Charters … is just that, just the boat. You, however, must be an accomplished skipper and can provide a resume.
  2. Captain Only… is also self-explanatory. You provision the boat, prepare your own meals and hire the Captain to pilot the yacht.
  3. Crewed Charter … is one where all services are provided for your total pleasure.
    The crew is a very important ingredient on a successful charter. Each vessel has at least a captain and a professional chef (who is usually the First Mate). Larger yachts will have appropriate crews. All of the crews are personally known to us. They are congenial hosts and wonderful guides to the islands. Their extensive local knowledge ensures that your cruising adventure is Customized For You!
  4. All-Inclusive…are also Crewed Charters which we have created for your convenience, these are pre-planned, all-inclusive charter packages that we have planned and prepared to their last detail.
Luxury Yacht Charters | The Best Experience
Luxury Yacht Charters | The Best Experience

With so many options available, how do you choose?

The least expensive option is a bareboat charter (sailing or motor). That means no crew, you operate the boat yourself. This of course requires some skills, and you will have to provide proof to the charter company that you know how to pilot a boat. Most will ask for your Bareboat Certification or a sailing certificate. If this is not something that’s issued where you live, you can ask if a reference (verifying your sailing abilities) from your yacht club will do.

In some countries (Greece for example), you are required to have two qualified sailors on board (which makes sense; what if something happens to your appointed captain?). There are schools all over the country where you can learn the basics of sailing and get an ASA (American Sailing Association) Bareboat Certificate. If you feel you need a bit more guidance before going out on your own, consider a skipper for a few days (see skippered charter below).
Pros: You’re in charge, less expensive
Cons: You’re in charge; you have to prepare your own meals as well as everything else

Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters.

A Crewed charter will provide you with the boat and a captain who essentially is in charge and will operate the boat for you. You and your guests will be the crew. This option is perfect if nobody in your party wants to have the responsibility for the boat and the navigation, but still wants a hands-on experience. Some companies offer you the option of a skipper for a few days in the beginning of your trip so you can brush up on your sailing skills and get to know your chartered boat before assuming full responsibility for it.
Pros: You don’t need to know anything about boating, an affordable option
Cons: You’re not in charge

Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters
Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters

If you just want to kick back and relax and enjoy spending time on the ocean without any responsibilities, a Crewed Luxury Charter is ideal. It is more expensive than the options above, but you get the boat, captain, full crew and a cook. The crewed boats tend to be larger (and therefore more expensive), since they have to accommodate not only you and your guests, but the crew as well.
Pros: You don’t have to lift a finger, everything is taken care of but you decide where to go and what to do
Cons: More expensive, you’re never alone

Sailing with a large group ?.

If you have a large group with varying sailing skills, flotilla sailing is a fun option. You charter several boats (usually 6-12) and the lead boat will have a skipper, mechanic and hostess who takes care of the itinerary and will help you out when needed. The other boats in the flotilla will each be skippered by one of your group, so you do need a few skilled people.
Pros: The skipper is there in case you need help or advise
Cons: Less freedom

Flotilla Yacht Charters | Sailing The Caribbean
Flotilla Yacht Charters | Sailing The Caribbean

Your Luxury Yacht Charter Planning.

These are the key elements that you need to know:

  • The Sailing

    … is mainly in sheltered waters, which is why we recommend short sailing times (2-4 hours per day) leaving plenty of time for other activities. However, itineraries and sail plans are very flexible; please consult with your captain daily. You are very welcome to get involved in the running of the vessel and informal instruction is often available.

  • The Cuisine

    … is very important to us and to our clients. We believe some of the best cuisine is to be found on our charter yachts. Clients are asked to state their food and beverage preferences on a form provided prior to their charter to enable the yacht to be adequately provisioned. Please refer to sample menus on each boatsite. (Any customer requests for special wine or liquor will be optional.)

  • The Prices

    … compare very favorable with first class hotels, resorts and private villas and are inclusive of all meals (often bar is also included) on board. As a guideline, a two-guest yacht starts from around US $3,500.00, four-guest yacht from US $6,000.00, six-guests from around US $8,000.00, and eight to ten-guests from US $10,000.00 a week (8 days/7 nights). Charters may begin on any day of the week and the rates quoted are for an entire week and include the use of onboard water toys. Scuba diving is often available to certified divers at an additional charge. (See our Scuba page.) As with any service, a crew gratuity is always welcome. We recommend 10-20% of the base charter rate but obviously this is at the client’s discretion.

  • Custom Matching

    … When we talk on the phone we complete a profile about your hobbies, foreign languages spoken, and interest in ecology, fine wines, history, cooking, and/or sport fishing.

They will introduce you to the crew representing the best match for your personality and age. You will find your hosts as fascinating as the service that they offer.

Enjoy your diving experience on a Luxury Boat
Enjoy your diving experience on a Luxury Boat

The Luxury Charter Destinations.

Just to give you some background…

There are approximately 5000 crewed charter boats worldwide with 2500 in the Caribbean. All Types are available, from traditional Tall Ships to modern Luxury Yacht Charters. But also power and sailing vessels from 40′ to 300′. You can customize your trip, itinerary, provisioning, water activities, land tours of cultural sites, or just taking in some “night life”.

Common destinations are the Caribbean charters, North America (Florida, Bahamas, East & West Coast) Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey and Greece Charters). Furthermore – Western Mediterranean (French and Italian Riviera, Croatia, Sicily, Corsica, Balearics), Indian Ocean (Indonesia, Seychelles) and South Pacific (Tahiti, Australia).

The focus in the Caribbean is on water activities while the visitors to the “Med” are more likely to be interested in culture, history and visiting ancient cities. It is customary for yachts in the “Med” to offer breakfast and lunch on board and the evening meal is yours to create on shore. This is where you get to really experience the culture and meet some unforgettable people.

Maps.Google – Caribbean Yacht Charters.

Below is a Google map of some of the Luxury Yacht Charters you can find in The Caribbean.

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