Cayman Islands Nightlife and Dining .

The Cayman Islands Nightlife is something you have to experience !. There are two things that people usually forget when they are looking for information about the location that they are going to visit on a vacation. These are dining and nightlife. However, the importance is high and when talking about the Cayman Islands the truth is that you might actually miss out on a great experience if you do this. Both of these elements have managed to become tourist attractions. Let us talk about both of them to see exactly what you can expect.

1. What about the Dining and Restaurants.

We have to say that the entire restaurant scene is quite well developed. We are in front of a really high living standard that is present in all areas you will visit and this immediately translates in the Cayman Islands dining experience. You are basically able to taste some of the best delights from cuisines from all around the world. In most cases we notice that ingredients are actually imported from other locations like France or New Zealand.

The restaurants do everything possible to please all clients that they have. Most of the restaurants also feature a tasting menu that is made in connection with fine wine that goes with what you are eating. The seafood will always be fresh and this includes all possible favorites like tuna, lobster, conch, mahi mahi and a native mollusc that appears in many upscale and local restaurants.

We recommend that you do not avoid the local food found here. The traditional dishes include different combinations of fish tea, fish rundown and turtle stews. Different Caribbean favorites that you can enjoy here will include jerk chicken, fried crab lobster and even curried goat. All the local restaurants offer a lot of value so you might want to consider visiting them as well. When talking about tipping, in most cases people are going to leave around 15% and some of the restaurants will include a serving charge since tipping is a big part of the tradition in this places.

Breathtaking ocan viw when you dining - Cayman Islands
Breathtaking ocan viw when you dining – Cayman Islands

One of the Best Cayman Restaurant is Coccoloba.

The Coccoloba is probably the best Restaurant on the Cayman Islands. This is a Mexican Street Food restaurant on The Seven Mile Beach. Actually this is a Bar & Grill Restaurant with the inspiration from Mexico. They aim for Latin Street Food with a combination of Caribbean Seafood.

You can enjoy your food in the open-air, so you can enjoy the surroundings and the people. They serve food like Tortilla Chips, a seafood Mixto, Steak Tacos and Pork Belly Tacos. But also Fish and Chips, Tuna dishes and Churros. So they actually have a large diner card. When it comes to beverages. Well they have it all. They also have a Tuesdays Event. You can buy a Taco dish for Five Dollars and Margaritas for Eight Dollars between 5pm and 9pm.

This is just a little review of Coccoloba. If you are interested to read more about Coccoloba, then I recommend you visit their official website at

Below is a Google Map where you view all the Restaurants at Cayman Island.

2. Cayman Islands Bars and Clubs.

We can say that the Cayman Islands nightlife here is quite special since it is impossible not to locate something that you are going to enjoy. The Cayman Islands have different pubs, bars, sports bars, dance halls and locations where concerts are held all throughout the year. Now the truth is that most of the activities that you will go to are going to be present in the largest island, which is Grand Cayman.

The Cayman Islands have many clubs and bars that are especially built for tourists and there will not be many locals that go there. This is mostly because of the fact that they are not that cheap. When you go out drinking in the Cayman Islands you can expect to spend more money. The alternative is to go where the locals are going. This is going to be cheaper and there won’t be problems if you are thinking about safety. Drinks are going to be cheaper there and you can even make some friends among the locals.

The bottom line is that the Cayman Islands dining and nightlife scenes are really well developed. Numerous locations are going to wait for you to visit them and we are sure that you are going to experience different memories that you are to remember. However, it is always better to be informed before going out on a Cayman Islands dining and night life spree. This is mostly due to the fact that it might be expensive and if you are on a tight budget you will end up blowing most of it on something that might be available at a cheaper price somewhere else.

How to locate the Bars, Pubs and Night Clubs ?

We warmly recommend that you use the Internet to learn as much as possible about the dining possibilities and the different places where you can go during the night to have some fun. This will give you all the information needed to properly plan a tremendous trip of such activities. In addition, keep in mind that locals are friendly. This basically means that you can ask them about tips of where to go and where to have fun. Some tourists do not like the flashy night clubs and restaurants. If you are among them, talking to locals is going to be the best way to find something you would enjoy more.

Enjoy your diner at the Beach - Cayman Islands
Enjoy your diner at the Beach – Cayman Islands

One of the best Cayman Night Club is Club Havana.

On of the Best Cayman Night Clubs is probably Club Havana. Well that is if you like Live Music gigs :). You can find Club Havana on the second floor of the Caribbean Plaza. The Cayman Caribbean Plaza is a large shopping mall and Club Havana resides at the second floor of the Plaza. The actual location is at The Seven mile Beach, 878 W Bay Rd, Cayman Islands.

The Club Havana has created a perfect ambience when you want to enjoy a drink together with a cigar. In one of the two rooms there is a little grand piano for some relaxing tunes which you can combine with your drinks. But the other rooms is quite different !. That is the Night Club decorated with in a Miami Night Club style. They offer loads of live gigs. Mostly the bands plays a repertoire of a mix between Motown, Soul, Soca and funk. This way anybody can enjoy the night until dawn !.

Club Havana at Cayman Islands
Club Havana at Cayman Islands

For more information about The Cayman Club Havana, I suggest you visit their official website at

There are lots of Bars and Clubs on The Cayman Islands. Below is the Google Map of Cayman Island Clubs. You can scroll and enlarge the map if you want to take a closer look.

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