Your BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht Experience at Beef Island.

How to experience Beef Island with a BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht!. You can get the most out of your holiday when you are sailing the British Virgin Islands with an itinerary. BoadBookings can help you with a relax vacation sailing the British Virgin Islands. And when you do, don’t forget to take a visit at Beef Island !.

Beef Island is actually a part of the bigger island Tortola. So you can take a car, taxi or a bus to, and take the interstate from Tortola to Beef Island. The two islands are connected by the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

The road goes further and passes the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport. Actually this is the main airport that serves Tortola and the rest of The British Virgin Islands.

One example is Trellis Bay and how convenient this is when you land at the Airport. It just takes a short walk from the Airport to reach Trellis Bay. And this is a nice small town. But has all the things you need to enjoy your day. It has a market called Trellis Bay Market. But it has also some local craft-shops and restaurants. And beside this they have a nice white beach and the sea is clear blue which you can enjoy from !.

Your BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht Experience
Beef Island AirStrip

Why don’t you Charter a Crewed Catamaran Yacht instead ?.

Well enough about that part when you are flying to Beef Island. Because you might as well go for a BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht sailing from Tortola!. This is much more convenient. Because you don’t have to sail yourself and dinner is served for you and your family. There are enough bays to lower your anchor. Some of the bays of Beef Island are Low Bay, Conch Bay and Long Bay. Those are just a few of them. There are a few more bays you can anchor, which you can view in the picture below.

Beef Island is almost a green and natural Island. You can hike the island, but you can also go for long beach walks and enjoy the scenery around you. And there is probably no change that you miss the sundown from any part of Beef Island. That is from Beef Island itself !. But you can enjoy the sundown also from your BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht off course!. From any angle, you can take a postcard picture for sure !.

So the next picture is from This really gives you a good illustration on how Beef Island looks like. You can use your mouse to enlarge it an have a good view.

When you port your Catamaran Yacht.

With your BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht, you can port Trellis Bay. It can be crowded with nice Yachts during the holiday season, but there is always a spot for you to port. And when you set foot on land and you are hungry ?. Well there are some nice restaurants for a good meal or dinner. One of the restaurants is Jeremy’s kitchen. This restaurant has nice food and is also good for kids and groups. They also organizing a monthly Full Moon Party at the beach in the holiday season. You can visit their website here at .

There is also a Guest House. This is called Beef Island Guest House. It is right at the beach. They have all kinds of different accommodations you can rent. It really depends on how much money you will spend. They have a bar, restaurant and lounging accommodations which you can choose from.

The Beef Island Trellis Bay Market.

Then there is the Trellis Bay Market. They have a mini market where you can buy bell peppers, apples and fresh baked bread. They even have frozen meat and a large selection of beverages and alcohol like drinks. But they also have a sweet 16 lounge, Laundromat and a gift shop. And they are serving BBQ, breakfast as well. And their Chicken Roti Specialty is served on a daily basis.

Actually the Mini Market has been serving the British Virgin Islands since 1990 and survived the Hurricane Irma. So if you want to go for a quick snack, drink or provisioning your bare boat, don’t forget to walk in the Trellis Bay Mini Market and buy your goods. Their official site is . They have a nice website with all the information you need.

The Beef Island Trellis Bay Market.
The Beef Island Trellis Bay Market.

So when you have seen everything and enjoyed a good time at Beef Island. Then it’s time to set sail the British Virgin Islands with your Crewed Catamaran Yacht and follow-up your next destination. When you have an itinerary booked from BoatBookings , you follow the next destination around the British Virgin Islands.

One of the itineraries from BoatBookings is from Tortola to Beef Island, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke to Anegada. When you leave Beef Island, it will be a nice sail to Virgin Gorda to meet your next adventure!.

Your BVI Crewed Catamaran Yacht at BoatBookings. Visit the BoatBookings Website: Click Here.

One of the Crewed Catamaran Yachts from Boatbookings is the “Lady Katlo”. This Catamaran Yacht has 3 Cabins and is a type Lagoon 620 Catamaran. It has a length of 18.9m (64.5″). This is a Crewed Catamaran Yacht. This Catamaran can reside 6 guests and has elegant cabins. You might think that a Catamaran is quite small. But the Lady Katlo has queen beds and is very spacious. You can even walk around the bed !.

Boatbookings Charter Yacht Rentals
Boatbookings Charter Yacht Rentals

And it is getting more interesting. Because on board they have a trampoline and a bunch of water toys you can play with. Like a Wakeboard, Snorkel Gear, a GoPro underwater Camera and a lot of more toys you can get through the day.

And for your breakfast and dinner, you can expect high quality serving and food on your table. The crew on board are highly professional and they surely can meet on all your expectations.

Here is a Youtube video walk through of the Lady Katlo so you can get an impression

So it is time for you to decide on how you want to spend your holiday, anniversary, birthdays or even New Years Eve. Good Luck !!.

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