BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht – Norman Island BVI

When you plan to go for a BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht Itinerary with your family, friends or other companions. Don’t forget to plan Norman Island BVI with it !.

Norman Island BVI has stunning beaches, diving opportunities, cave exploration and many other adventures to offer. Lets read more about Norman Island BVI and find out what you can expect when you anchor your BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht in one of the bays.

First of all, Norman Island BVI is just 4km long. Norman Island BVI is one of “The Little Sisters” in the British Virgin Islands. The following islands are among “The Little Sisters” within the British Virgin Islands.

  • Pelican Island.
  • Norman Island.
  • Peter Island.
  • Death Chest Island.
  • Salt Island.
  • Cooper Island.
  • Ginger Island.

Plan your BVI Catamaran Yacht Itinerary from Tortola BVI.

So if you plan to book your Charter Catamaran Yacht Itinerary. You probably start from Tortola BVI. From Road Town/Road Harbour you set sail to your planned destinations. If you planned your itinerary with Norman Island BVI as the first destination. Then it is just an hour to sail from Tortola BVI to Norman Island BVI.

You will pass Peter Island and Pelican Island first before you reach Norman Island. You can anchor your BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht in Soldier Bay. But the most popular bay is The Bight Bay. When you sail your BVI Charter Catamaran in The Bight Bay, then there is a dock where you can dock your Catamaran Yacht. But in holiday times the dock can be pretty crowded. So you might consider to anchor your Catamaran Yacht in The Bight Bay or The Bight itself. From there you can take your speedboat to enter the dock or the beach.

What to expect on Norman Island BVI ?.

When you anchor your BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht in the bay or at the dock. What adventures lies ahead for you, your families or friends when you set foot on Norman Island BVI?.

Norman Island offers you a solitaire environment which you can enjoy from. This is purely a green environment. You can even enjoy a beach just by yourself or with your companions. You can anchor your Charter Catamaran Yacht at Soldier Bay, Benures Bay, Privateer Bay or Money Bay. The beaches you can reach are really out of a perfect postcard picture you are looking for !.

Well there are not a lot of accommodations, pubs or restaurants at Norman Island. But one is just what you need !. You can enjoy the perfect white beaches and a crystal Atlantic azure sea !. Also Norman Island is as natural as it gets to meet all your expectations !. But if you are thirsty or hungry then Pirate Bight is the place to be. It is just a few steps away from the beach !.

What has Pirates Bight to Offer ?.

Pirates Bight has range of lunch menus, salads, dinner menus, appetizers and a lot of drinks !. Pirates Bight has a lot of beverages you can choose from and they have happy hours as well.

The Pirate Bight Restaurant | BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht | Norman Island BVI
The Pirate Bight Restaurant | BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht | Norman Island BVI

The Pirates Bight Sail Caribbean Divers Shop.

Pirates Bight has also a Divers shop, called the Sail Caribbean Divers Shop. Pirates Bright Divers Shop arranges you ultimate divers experience !. They offer eco-tour trips and snorkeling adventures, like snorkeling for real treasures in the cave of Treasure Point. A real treasure has been found in a cave by a Creque Family Fisherman so the legend tells.

But you can also go for snorkeling tropical fish and the off-shore reefs. These spots for snorkeling are for the experienced and the inexperienced snorkelers among the group you are sailing with. The Treasure Point Caves are located near downtown road. Which is the only road going to Treasure point actually. Pirates Bight has an arrangement to get you there. They have all the gear and promises to give you a dive of a lifetime !.

Events and Entertainment at Pirates Bight.

Pirates Bight has an ocean club as well. They can arrange all kinds of events, like anniversaries, birthdays and even weddings. They offer a natural environment scenery with natural and rustic products like the use of natural wood furniture and housing. These ingredients together with a perfect service offer you an idyllic atmosphere and a memorable experience for sure !. But you have to arrange your arrangement in advance by contacting Pirates Bight themselves.

The Pirates Bight Gift Shop.

Also Pirates Bight has a gift shop that offers all kinds of memorable gifts . You can purchase your favorite gift to take back to your home and put all the memories to it. Or give it to your friends or colleges. But they sell sunscreen, hats and all you can buy to take care for the burning sunshine on your skin.

What else you can expect on Norman Island BVI?.

Well there a lot of hiking trails you can walk. But first of all, take a few bottles of water with you, because the sun is shining all day on your head. You can hike for Turtle Cove. This is a short walk and when you get there, you can have shelter of the sun. Or you can hike for Crest Hill. As expected, this is a moderate hill climb to a concrete platform. Here you can see the whole island at a 360degree spot. Pictures are going to be memorable for sure !.

you also can visit ruins on Norman Islands BVI by hiking to the spot. This can be adventures to reach. Because you maybe have to go of trail and get through some bushes. But there is little to see except for a wall of rocks and other rocks of an ancient foundation of a house. If you are into that, then you might want to visit these ruins which are around 150 to 200 years old.

Before you set sail with your BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht to another adventure!

Maybe you are looking for the Will T floating Bar/Restaurant (William Thornton). Sadly Will T is flushed away by hurricane Irma. Will T has sailed to Peter Island to start a new BVI Adventure to serve your pirate adventures. Their official site is Willy-T or you can read more about Willy-T at Wikipedia William Thornton .

Sail your BVI Charter Catamaran Yacht to Peter Island.

So now you are ready to set sail with your Charter Catamaran to Peter Island where your next adventure is taking place. Peter Island has also astonishing beaches and diving opportunities and is part of the British Virgin Islands.

Below is a picture of Norman Island BVI from Google Earth to give an impression on how Norman Island looks like. You can enlarge this this picture by clicking on it.

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