BVI Charter Boat Rentals and Sailing Tortola.

You can rent your BVI Charter Boat right at Tortola !. Here is the Tortola BVI Tropical Island Review !. And how you can rent a BVI Charter Boat.

The best way to sail across the British Virgin Islands is using Charter Boats. The best way to rent Charter Boats is booking one at BoatBookings™. BoatBookings™ is the largest Charter Boat Rental company where you can hire any boat anywhere around the Globe !.

Now Tortola is the most populated and the largest island of The British Virgin Islands. Tortola has a population of 24000. And most of the population lives in the Capital called “Road Town”.

BVI Charter Boat Rentals at Tortola

Tortola has beautiful white-sand beaches and beautiful bays where you can anchor your Boat. You can take your postcard picture at any angle you like !. Because you can’t go wrong taking a picture anywhere on Tortola.

Some of the bays are Sea Cow Bay, Belmont Bay, Ballast Bay and the most popular is Baughers Bay. Baughers Bay is at Road Town and has Port Purcell. Here you can port your BVI Charter Boat and visit all the accommodations, restaurants, museums and pubs that Road Town has to offer.

Visit Road Town and its Restaurants and Pubs.

When you port your Yacht Charter at Road Town. Then immediately you and your family can enjoy all the goods Road Town has to offer. For instance Capriccio di Mare. This is a nice little Italian Restaurant where you can have your meal and beverages with your family.

Other one is The Cabernet Bar and Grill. This is like the name says a Grill restaurant where you can have one of the best Steaks in Road Town. This is a great restaurant where you can grab your lunch. But also have a diner and drinks. They serve a variety of dishes, so there is always something you can order that you like !. The atmosphere and service are outstanding according the online Reviews which you can read on the internet. You can read a review of the Cabernet Bar and Grill by clicking here.

Another one is The Village Cay Hotel & Marina Tortola. They are positioned at the dock side of the bay. You can have a nice dinner and they have spacious rooms in a Caribbean them, which you can rent. The most cheapest accommodation you can rent is from $135.00 a night. But you can also go for a Villa/Condo for around $280.00 a night. And then you have a 2 bedroom with Garden View.

Also you can have a nice and fabulous dinner together with Live Music every Wednesday and Saturday Night. They have a open restaurant so you can enjoy the surroundings and the BVI Charter Boats. To visit their official website, click here.

The Cabernet Bar and Grill | Tortola BVI
The Cabernet Bar and Grill | Tortola BVI

What more can you expect when visiting Tortola BVI and Road Town ?.

As Tortola is the biggest island of The British Virgin Islands, it also has a wide variety of restaurants and pubs. But Tortola BVI offers parks and museums as well like the Mount Healthy National Park. I won’t go in-depth about this park, but you can get more information about this park by clicking here. Another park you can visit is The Shark Bay National Park.

You can visit some Museums on Tortola like The Virgin Islands Folk Museum. Or The Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum. There are a variety of Museums that Tortola offer. You can Click here to get more information about the Museums.

As you can read. There are tons of things you can do when visiting Tortola with your Family, friends or even business associates.

Mount Healthy National Park - Tortola
Mount Healthy National Park – Tortola

Because the Island is not that to big, you can visit a lot of places on the Island in the time that you visit Tortola Island. Then length of the island is just 19km in length and the width is only 5km. Tortola has also a mountain which is 530m high or 1740ft high. The currency they use is the normal US Dollar. So you don’t have to worry about changing money at any point of your travel.

One thing more is that you can visit Beef Island during your travel. You can reach Beef Island by car, bus or taxi and drive over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge to reach Beef Island. But you can also anchor your Charter Boat at Tellis Bay and enjoy a beautiful day at Beef Island. You can visit my review about Beef Island by clicking here.

So how can you book your Charter Boat and set sail the BVI Islands ?.

You can book your own itinerary at BoatBookings™, sailing the Tortola BVI.

Sailing the British Virgin Islands is probably the best way to visit your dream islands. And sailing the BVI gives you the best experience on what you can have when it comes enjoying the clear blue sea of the Atlantic ocean. But also the maritime life and surroundings !.

That is why I recommend (when you are planning to visit The British Virgin Islands, to do this with renting a Charter Yacht.

Here is one BVI Charter Boat which you can sail from Tortola BVI.

This is a Catamaran Bareboat called the “Fountaine Pajot Soana 47”. The manufacturer is Fountaine Pajot and the model is Soana 47.

This Catamaran Bareboat is perfect for Friends, Families or any company you are planning to take with you. And it is among the best Catamaran Bareboats on the Market of sailing Yachts.!. And you can set sail your Catamaran Bareboat right from the docks of Tortola.

From Tortola you can set sail to Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Peter Island to make the most out of your holiday. But you can plan your own itinerary as well at BoatBookings™. The Fountaine Pajot Soana 47 is packed with contemporary living spaces, which you and your friends of family can enjoy during your boat trip.

BVI Charter Boat Rentals at Tortola
The Fountaine Pajot Soana 47 Catamaran

You can enjoy the outside space on the BVI Catamaran Bareboat!.

When you are at sea, you can enjoy all the advantages the Soana 47 has to offer. Some of them are relaxing the sun on the fore-deck, dinner, breakfast or sunset drinks. But the boat has water sports equipment as well. You can use snorkeling equipment and Furling the main sail. The Boat has also a nice Air Conditioning on board for you, when you think it is getting to hot.

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