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Welcome to the Caribbean Dream Yachts – Your Caribbean Private Yacht Charter Guide !. Are you tired of city life? Is it finally time for you to follow up your plans for an island getaway? In that case, you are on the right page. Here are all the things to know in our famed BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals.

Overview of the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands, with its almost constant trade winds and the high temperatures all year round. And not to mention the brilliant white sand beaches and the icy blue, clear turquoise waters. This makes it a popular destination of not only sailors but tourists as well.

Visitors to the island love to see the tropical aquatic life of the Caves, the Fallen Jerusalem, and all the beautiful islands around the BVI. Among the activities you can do in the British Virgin Islands include snorkeling, scuba diving, and island hopping between the uninhabited islands around the islands.

You can also explore the magnificent secluded ports in Hallovers Bay and Benures Bay. If partying is your game, all around the British Virgin Islands are favorite bars. Some examples are The Soggy Dollar Bar and the Pusser’s Landing where you can have fun with the locals.

The Soggy Dollar Bar St Thomas | Brittish Virgin Islands
The Soggy Dollar Bar St Thomas | Brittish Virgin Islands

Over 25 untouched islands are making up the British Virgin Islands with its aquamarine waters. But also white sand beaches and the sun-soaked harbors. If the city tires you, a day or two in BVI’s waters and beaches will surely get your spirits back up.

Get your to-do list or throw it away. Just follow an itinerary or leave your plans to change. No matter what you decide, the British Virgin Islands have plenty of things to offer. You can go off to the shores in search of turtles or gaze into the horizon across the sea.

You can try the island’s delectable cuisine or fill your senses with the blessings of nature. Whatever you want to do, the British Virgin Islands are sure to leave your heart content with its spectacular beauty. Experience the perfect island getaway by renting a BVI Catamaran Charter for a voyage through the island.

Luxury BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals in the Caribbean.

Do you know what a catamaran is? It’s a multi-hulled vessel ideal for your cruising adventure to the shallow waters of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The catamaran is likely your vessel in your trip to explore the waters of BVI and in hopping between its islands.

With BoatBooking™ BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals. You can travel through the British Virgin Islands with the steady trade winds carrying you to the nearby destinations. Sailing through a BVI catamaran charter makes navigation between islands to be as easy as a breeze.

It’s all thanks to the island’s protected bays and the sounds. Which makes for easy anchoring !. Besides the enjoyment of seeing and exploring the beauty the island offers. Well catamaran sailing is popular as well for its comfort !.

A catamaran sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands will not have you worrying about provisions. Throughout the islands, you have many places to go for anything you might need a trip. You find any of your requirements, whether on-board provisions or a night’s enjoyment, within a short trip.

If you need support in making your trip through the waters of the islands. Then a good place to go is The Moorings’ base. You’ll find it in Road Town, Tortola. It’s the perfect place to get everything you will need to make a smooth sailing experience from beginning to end.

Luxury BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals in the Caribbean
Luxury BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals in the Caribbean

A catamaran charter sailing is a great idea even if you are new to chartering. When you navigate through the islands’ waters, you will be amazed to find tranquil seas and courses you can quickly plot.

The waters of BVI serve as the perfect place to build a most wonderful experience. It doesn’t matter if you are on the helm or the deck enjoying the sun. Renting a BVI catamaran charter for an island hopping experience. Well this is going to an unforgettable adventure !.

Handy Info on Your British Virgin Island Cruising.

Before going on a sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands, it would be great to know a few vital pieces of information. For instance, the BVIs have a time difference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -4 hours. When traveling, make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

If you plan to visit the USVIs (U.S. Virgin Islands) when you go sailing in the British Virgin Islands, you will need a visa. That being the case, you have to make sure to head first to your country’s US embassy before departing. To avoid any unpleasant experience in your trip. Ensure you have the correct document before travel.

Tortola – The BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals and Yacht Charter Capital !.

Whether you are sailing in a catamaran or any other yacht charter, it’s undeniable that the British Virgin Islands is a sailor’s paradise. Among the many islands in the BVI, Tortola is recognized as the Caribbean’s charter capital and possibly the world’s most famous sailing destination.

You will find all around the BVI incredibly sheltered harbors, pirate bars. But also sun-soaked white beaches and astounding shipwrecks. All of which draws attention from people around the world. In your island hopping adventure, you will have a chance to experience the island life.

Like many who had experienced it, it’s likely you won’t want to leave. In sailing to the British Virgin Islands, here are some of the extraordinary experiences you might have:

  • Relaxing and basking in the island’s spectacular scenery.
  • Getting a taste of BVI’s Local-Caribbean cuisine.
  • Exploring the tiny villages dotting the shores of Sir Francis Drake Channel.
  • Seeing amazing shipwrecks along with BVI’s enormous range of tropical sea life.
  • Seeing the immense grottos, natural pools, and boulders of The Baths on Virgin Gorda.
  • Diving into Anegada, the unique coral atoll of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Letting your imagination run wild with wondrous tales of pirate and treasures on Norman Island.

BVI Catamaran Charter Sailing Itinerary.

A catamaran charter sailing to the British Virgin Islands is the great adventure to take for couples, families, and groups. BVI offers such amazing places to explore with its plentiful sheltered ports. The easy hopping between deep-water islands, as well as the cruise’s line of sight navigation.

BVI Catamaran Charter Sailing Itinerary
BVI Catamaran Charter Sailing Itinerary

If you are considering taking a trip to the BVI, you are probably already thinking about the itinerary. There are a great many ways you can spend your week exploring the islands. The good news is it’s undoubtedly going to be fabulous no matter how you want to spend your nights and days.

But if you haven’t an idea yet, we can help. With so many places to see and so many things to do, it’s easy to be confused on what to include in your itinerary. That being the case, here is some inspiration for your catamaran charter adventure in the British Virgin Islands.

  • Start at the Dock.

Before you can start your adventure, you need to get settled in your new home for this trip. First, find the Catamaran Charter you booked and get all your things stowed safely inside. Take the time to be familiar with your boat while enjoying some cocktails.

One of the Docks you can Charter your Luxury Catamaran
One of the Docks you can Charter your Luxury Catamaran
  • The Bight, the Indians, and Norman Island BVI.

Around 90% of cruisers in the BVI are likely to go to the Bight on their first night. It’s a good start for your week at sea, and it’s also a leisurely sail away from Tortola. For your first day of activity. Yyou can go snorkeling in some favorite places such as The Indians and Norman Island.

The Bight | Norman Island BVI
The Bight | Norman Island BVI
  • Cooper Island.

On your second day, you can head east after your snorkeling adventure to Cooper Island. You can explore the Wreck of the Rhone or go for another snorkeling adventure on the Salt Island. The favorites at the island are the Cooper Island Beach Club and the Manchioneel Bay, both a great snorkeling spot.

Cooper Island | British Virgin Islands | BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals
Cooper Island | British Virgin Islands | BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals
  • The Baths and the Fallen Jerusalem.

From Cooper, you can head to Fallen Jerusalem for yet another snorkel then make a stop at the must-stop, The Baths. It’s a great spot where you can enjoy a good lunch. Moreover, it a beautiful place to take a rest on a mooring ball.

Fallen Jerusalem | British Virgin Islands
Fallen Jerusalem | British Virgin Islands
  • The Great Dog, North Sound, and Leverick Bay Resort.

If you still have time, you might want to make a quick stop at the Great Dog. At the west side of the island, there’s a great place where you can explore its tropical sea life. You can continue to the North Sound and then to the Leverick Bay Resort for a lovely evening in a great restaurant.

Leverick Bay Resort | British Virgin Islands
Leverick Bay Resort | British Virgin Islands
  • Anegada.

Almost all BVI cruisers would say that the visit to Anegada is the highlight of their trip. It’s one of the best places to explore and is well worth the sailing effort. If you leave early from North Sound, you might arrive at the island around lunch time and have a pleasant afternoon exploring it.

Anegada | British Virigin Islands |
Anegada | British Virigin Islands |

The places mentioned above are only a few of the places you can visit and explore during your BVI Catamaran Rentals. With so many places to explore, a week of adventure is not enough to see everything.

If you are looking to get a taste of what the British Virgin Island has to offer, now’s the time to get booked for a catamaran charter rental at Caribbean Boat Bookings. We will help you make the most of your holiday with BoatBookings™ BVI Catamaran Charter Rentals.

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