Booking a Luxury Catamaran Charter With Crew – what you need to know.

Are you ready to book a Luxury Catamaran Charter with Crew ?. To really go sailing, a number of people will immediately come up with a number of reasons why this is difficult to achieve.

Yet this is not always true at all. Apart from a few legitimate reasons for this, there are at least as much to do anyway. One thing that will hold a lot of people against is the idea that a ship itself must be sailed. However, this is not always a long time. The possibilities to rent a Catamaran Charter with crew are in full abundance.

Take advantage of Luxury Charter Companies !.

Several companies offer this as well like BoatBookings™. Depending on which destination you prefer within the British Virgin Islands. Well you can choose to rent a Luxury Catamaran Charter with Crew. The sky is often the limit with the possibilities where you can choose from when you charter a Luxury Catamaran with Crew. You can read the complete review about Boatbookings™ on my site here – Boatbookings Charter Yachts.

This means that countries around the world can be chosen. These luxury charter companies often have contacts everywhere. And besides this these companies can make a tailor-made trip in all these places. So that it will fail to nothing.

The choices from vessels are almost always very extensive. So it doesn’t matter what a boat you are looking for or how many people need to be there. And also whether you want to hire a crew, it is not seldom all. One of the big plus points in this way of holiday is that there is no need to think about it. But only to be enjoyed in abundance !. What else does a person want?.

The websites where reputable companies offer these services can usually be selected. Request a quote or check what is preferred for boat is also among the options. If someone would like to have a telephone call or to make an appointment in person to discuss something similar, this will also be possible.

Luxury Catamaran Charter With Crew
Luxury Catamaran Charter With Crew

8 Reasons why sailing boats will make you experience a great adventure.

  1. Every sailor will not deny being inside an adventurer. Without this property starting with sailing is actually already useless. That’s why sailing is made for this group and the discoverers. But also the daredevils who like to be on the spacious SOP wagon.
  2. Apart from the wide choice of places where you can go. They are all different and therefore all special in their own way. The diversity is one of those things that makes sailing very special.
  3. The encounters with many types of same adventurers, local people and other people and nature are great. A long voyage with the sailing boat will create meetings that will keep you going forever.
  4. Everything is in the sign of being spacious thinking. A person who never dares to dream or thinks out of the box will never feel comfortable if they are on a sailing ship or open water for weeks in succession.
  5. The cultural aspect of a long sailing trip is also what makes this way of traveling extremely striking. On the way, everyone will be amazed by all the different parts of the world that will be seen.
  6. Beyond the aspects just described, it is never learned to touch another facet which is great. Whether this is about other uses, the sailing itself or the sea, all these things are never learned.
  7. Enjoy it !!. No, the absolute enjoyment. There is almost nothing closer to enjoying the pure than this. For who doesn’t want to go literally every day of his or her life where the wind is blowing at that moment?
  8. The space on this world will not have noticed many times. Yet this is abundant. This will be discovered soon enough once every day the sea is Gedobberd, from one place to another to never forget.

Take a sailing catamaran trip – there is enough space to move you.

Sailing in a Luxury Catamaran is just another thing than many other sailing trips. This type of ship has its own appearance and is a nice variation for those who want to experience something truly unique. Different characteristics of the catamaran make it an extremely popular alternative to many sailing trips. All these advantages are what make this form of sailing so fun. We’ll mention a few for you:

  • Catamarans are very spacious.
  • Also in shallow water.
  • They can reach great speeds.
  • A catamaran often gives more privacy than a normal sailboat.
  • Catamarans are very stable on the water.

This is just the tip of the iceberg !!. All in all there are many more things that make this form of sailing so unique. What it is especially is the fun places that are more accessible by the easy cruising in shallow water. It is so much easier to discover the most remote, abandoned and exclusive places on your own, where this is normally more difficult.

The speed is a next element which for people who love it will give the impact to choose a Luxury Catamaran rather than a normal sailboat. With the wind through your hair at full speed over sky blue water raging can of course be delicious. Although others will again choose the rest over the speed.

On well known sailing destinations there is often a wide range to rent a Luxury Catamaran. This can be with a large group. Some Luxury Catamarans are up to 10 to 15 meters in size and can even accommodate 10 or more people at the same time. In addition, there are several separate compartments. So that everyone at the same time gets the privacy that is required while sailing.

Luxury Catamaran Charter With Crew
Luxury Catamaran Charter With Crew

Following is an example of a Luxury Catamaran With Crew from Boatbookings™.

The following information is an example of a Luxury Catamaran With Crew form the Charter Company Boatbookings™.

This is the Catamaran Lagoon 450 with the name ‘Great Adventure’. This boat has three cabins and is a crewed catamaran. This catamaran can hold up to six guest in the luxury cabins. The interior has wooden paneling with a warm and calming design. When it comes to spacious?. You main salon is the place to hang out on the Catamaran. Also this boat has a luxury dinging area in the aft cockpit. At the dinging area you can enjoy all your meals cooked by the top chef. And when you want to relax and soak up the sun?. The sun pads on the bridge is the place to be.

So the accommodations on board has 3 cabins which has a configuration of 2 double beds and 2 queen size beds. Also you can take use of all the water toys. Some of them are scuba diving kayaking, water skiing, The Tube and take use of the Swimming Platform.

When it comes to prices. At Boatbookings™ you can rent this Luxury Catamaran with Crew for $ 13.500 per week in the Low Season. But if you want to Sail the Caribbean in the High Season, you have to think about $ 16.500 per week.

So this is a little review about one of the Luxury Catamarans that Boatbookings™ has to offer. To read the complete review about this boat, you can read it all on their official website here – Luxury Catamaran Lagoon 450.

And to get a visual picture about this Luxury Catamaran ?. I have found a nice video on Youtube. You can watch this video right here.

The End of this Article:

So my goal is to give you more information on how you can rent a Luxury Catamaran Wit Crew. And what you can expect when you’re sailing a Catamaran. The information in the Article is not to long. If you have any suggestions or you want to add information on this article. You can always mail me at mail address:

Good luck and have a great Sailing experience !.

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